Aadu Magaadra Bujji

aadu magaadra bujji
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“Aadu Magaadra Bujji” is a Telugu-language action-comedy film that hit the screens in 2013. With its blend of humor, action, and drama, This moviepromises a rollercoaster ride of entertainment for the audience.

Plot Synopsis

The Protagonist’s Journey

The story revolves around Siddhu (played by Sudheer Babu), a carefree and aimless young man who lives life on his own terms.

aadu magaadra bujji movie
aadu magaadra bujji movie

To win her heart, Siddhu embarks on a journey filled with challenges and obstacles.

The Antagonist’s Interference

Enter a menacing villain named Reddappa (played by Ajay), who becomes a major roadblock in Siddhu’s quest for love. Reddappa’s nefarious intentions and criminal activities not only threaten Siddhu’s relationship with Indu but also put his life in jeopardy.

Key Themes

Friendship and Loyalty

Amidst all the chaos and turmoil, the film Action Bollywood also explores the theme of friendship and loyalty. Siddhu’s friends, played by actors like Randhir Gatla and others, stand by him through thick and thin, adding depth to the narrative.

Action-packed Sequences

From adrenaline-pumping chase scenes to intense confrontations, “Aadu Magaadra Bujji” delivers on the action front. The well-choreographed fight sequences keep the audience at the edge of their seats, ensuring a thrilling cinematic experience.

The Comedy Factor

Comic Relief Characters

In addition to its action-packed moments, the film offers plenty of comic relief through its quirky characters and hilarious situations. Comedians like Prudhviraj and others infuse the narrative with their impeccable timing and slapstick humor, providing much-needed laughs amidst the tension.

Witty Dialogues and Situational Humor

The screenplay is peppered with witty dialogues and situational humor, which add to the overall entertainment quotient of the film.

aadu magaadra bujji download
aadu magaadra bujji download

Whether it’s playful banter between the lead characters or humorous exchanges between Siddhu and his friends, the comedy in “Aadu Magaadra Bujji” is sure to leave the audience in splits.


Aadu Magaadra Bujji and Rajannana Maga is a delightful blend of action, comedy, and romance that captivates the audience from start to finish. With its engaging plot, memorable characters, and entertaining performances, the film promises a thoroughly enjoyable cinematic experience for Telugu movie enthusiasts.

Movie Info:

Colors & Claps Entertainments
Available in
7 December 2013
Quality option
400mb 700mb 1.2gb HD
Krishna Reddy
Main Stars
Sudheer Babu,Asmita Sood,Ajay,Randhir Gattla,Poonam Kaur
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