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Andaz Apna Apna is a quintessential Bollywood comedy film that has achieved cult status since its release in 1994. Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, the movie features an ensemble cast of Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, and Shakti Kapoor, among others. Packed with hilarious dialogues, memorable characters, and a timeless storyline, the film continues to entertain audiences across generations.

Plot Synopsis

The Story Unfolds

Prem and Amar, Two Bumbling Youths

The plots young men, Khan and Amar played by Aamir Khan, who dream of getting rich quickly without putting in much effort.

andaz apna apna download
andaz apna apna download

Despite their lack of success, they maintain a carefree attitude and are constantly on the lookout for shortcuts to success.

Raveena and Karisma: The Love Interests

Enter Raveena played by Raveena Tandon and Karisma played by Karisma Kapoor, two wealthy heiresses who become the object of Prem and Amar’s affections, respectively. However, the girls are also being pursued by two conmen, Teja played by Paresh Rawal and Crime Master Gogo played by Shakti Kapoor, who have sinister motives.

The Comedy of Errors

As Prem and Amar attempt to woo Raveena and Karisma, they find themselves embroiled in a series of comedic misunderstandings and mishaps. Their efforts girls often backfire spectacularly, leading to uproarious situations that keep the audience in stitches.

The Quest for a Hidden Treasure

Amidst the chaos, a subplot emerges involving a hidden treasure that holds the key to resolving the characters’ financial woes. Prem and Amar, along with their eccentric friend Robert (played by Viju Khote), embark on a hilarious journey to find the treasure before Teja and Crime Master Gogo get their hands on it.

Memorable Characters

Prem and Amar: The Lovable Rogues

Prem and Amar are the heart and soul of the film, portrayed with impeccable comic timing by Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, respectively.

andaz apna apna movie
andaz apna apna movie

Their chemistry on screen and their knack for getting into absurd situations make them endearing protagonists that audiences root for throughout the film.

Teja and Crime Master Gogo: The Villainous Duo

Paresh Rawal’s portrayal of the eccentric and conniving Teja, along with Shakti Kapoor’s over-the-top performance as Crime Master Gogo, adds a layer of hilarity to the antagonist characters. Their bumbling attempts to outsmart Prem and Amar provide some of the film’s most memorable moments.

Raveena and Karisma: The Charming Heroines

Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor shine as the leading ladies, bringing charm and grace to their roles. Their interactions with Prem and Amar drive much of the film’s romantic subplot, while also serving as catalysts for the comedic chaos that ensues

Movie Info:

Vinay Kumar Sinha
Available in
4 November 1994
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Rajkumar Santoshi
Main Stars
Aamir Khan,Salman Khan,Raveena Tandon,Karishma Kapoor,Paresh Rawal,Shakti Kapoor
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