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Annadurai a Tamil film directed by G. Srinivasan, delves into the intricate web of human relationships, morality, and the consequences of one’s choices. Released in 2017, the movie revolves around the life of twin brothers, Annadurai and Thambidurai, portrayed by Vijay Antony.

The Plot Unveiled

The Birth of Divergence

The story takes an unexpected turn when Annadurai, a schoolteacher with a strong sense of justice, becomes entangled in a series of events that force him to confront his own principles. On the other hand, Thambidurai, a corrupt politician, chooses a path of deceit and power.

annadurai movie
annadurai movie

The film brilliantly explores the divergence of two brothers who, despite sharing the same DNA, walk on opposite sides of morality.

Annadurai : Themes Explored

Morality and Choices

Annadurai with Asuraguru skillfully navigates the moral dilemmas faced by the protagonist. As this movie grapples with the consequences of his actions, the movie prompts the audience to reflect on the choices they make in their own lives. The narrative challenges the viewers to consider the thin line between right and wrong, showcasing the complexity of human decisions.

Family Dynamics

Central to the film is the exploration of familial bonds. The strained relationship between the brothers adds depth to the storyline, creating a compelling narrative that goes beyond the conventional hero-villain dynamic. The emotional turmoil within the family becomes a microcosm of the broader societal issues addressed in the film.

Annadurai : Cinematic Brilliance

Vijay Antony’s Performance

Vijay Antony’s portrayal of both this Action New movie and Thambidurai is a testament to his acting prowess. The seamless transition between the two characters highlights the actor’s versatility, drawing the audience into the contrasting worlds of the brothers.

Annadurai : Directorial Finesse

Srinivasan’s directorial choices contribute to the film’s success.

annadurai download
annadurai download

The pacing, cinematography, and storytelling techniques enhance the overall viewing experience, keeping the audience engaged from start to finish.


A Thought-Provoking Cinematic Journey

“Annadurai” stands out as a thought-provoking exploration of morality, choices, and family dynamics. The film’s compelling narrative, coupled with outstanding performances, cements its place as a noteworthy addition to Tamil cinema. As audiences embark on the journey of the two brothers, they are left pondering the age-old question: What defines our choices, and how do they shape our destiny?

Explore the moral intricacies and divergent paths of twin brothers in ‘Annadurai,’ a gripping Tamil film directed by G. Srinivasan.

Movie Info:

R Studios
Available in
30 November 2017
Quality option
400mb 700mb 1.2gb 2.4Gb HD
G. Srinivasan
Main Stars
Vijay Antony,Diana Champika,Mahima,Jewel Mary
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