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Hollywood has been providing a steady stream of spy films, and Mathew Vaughn’s Argylle comes out as a thrilling story of espionage with some unexpected twists. Released in 2024, Argylle is an action comedy film that features some of the biggest names of the industry with Henry Cavill playing the titular role of Agent Argylle.

Jump on an exciting journey that blurs the line between fiction and reality to make it a noteworthy addition to the spy genre.

Meet the cast of Argylle

The heart of the film lies in the perfect ensemble cast that brings the right depth and charisma to the roles. Cavill, known for his role as the Man of Steel, takes on the role of Agent Argylle to create a character that perfectly blends the suave charm and the prowess of an action hero.

The support cast is no slouch and includes the likes of Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, John Cena and more who do a great job of elevating the narrative of the film with their stellar performances.

argylle pronunciation
argylle pronunciation

Louis Partridge brings his innocent presence to the big screen with his role as the young Argylle, which adds further complexity to the storyline. And not tot be overlooked is the feline scene stealer, Alfie the cat. This character provides compelling moments of levity amidst this high stakes spy flick.

The production of Argylle

The development of the script of Argylle can be traced back to the June of 2021 when the director became associated with Marv Studios to begin the production.

Assembling the cast

With the casting finalised, the ensemble cast was very gradually revealed to the audience to maintain an air of mystery around the launch of the film. This helped to build huge anticipation for a project that promised to bring on its unique take on the spy genre. Add in Jason Fuchs’ script and Dua Lipa’s involvement in the project, it added a huge element of intrigue before the launch of the movie to fuel further excitement before release.

Signing deal with OTT

The creators went on to grab a $200 million deal with an OTT platform and allowed Vaughn the creative freedom to bring his vision to life. The filming for the film began in London and later transitions to several other European cities to create some of the most visually stunning backdrops.

argylle official trailer
argylle official trailer

Locations like Park Royal, Bovingdon combined with background shots filmed in Greece and the US, helped to underscore the global scale of the production.

The release and box office success of Argylle

Although the creators were able to secure an OTT deal, the film dropped in theatres near you and found a huge appreciating audience.


Premiering for the first time at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square in London in January 2024, the film secured its first theatrical release on 1st February, followed by a US release on the very next day. The marketing campaign also drove huge buzz, and the creators spent a reported cost of $80 million just for the promotion of the Action Movie Hollywood. This campaign was a huge success and helped to draw a strong audience to the theatres.

Box office collection

The film made $6.4 million on its opening day which included $1.7 million from the Thursday night previews which indicated a very promising start for the film.

argylle movie download
argylle movie download

However, the projection of the success in the US and Canada  suggested the need for an international box office success to break even. Even major media outlets reported that the film would have to gross over $500 million in order to be a success for the creators since Argylle was made on a major budget of $200 million.

What’s next for Argylle

The creators has hinted at possible sequels and a shared universe which added a new layer of intrigue after the credits roll.


Originally intended as the first entry of a planned sequel, the announcement in October 2023 revealed the plans for two sequels. The second film is planned to be a prequel to Argylle  and is aimed to focus more on the early years of Argylle where the creators will be focusing more on the journey on becoming a spy. The promised third installment is yet to be revealed which has left fans to wait eagerly for the next chapters in the Argylle saga.

A shared universe

The creators have a very ambitious plan to create a shared spy universe, and the director elevates the film to more than just a standalone film that kicks off a franchise. Interconnected with major franchises like “Kingsman”, Argylle and an unnamed third franchise teases a future crossover event that could be the next big thing for the spy genre.

Critical review of Argylle

Like with any other film, the critical reception plays a huge role in shaping the success and legacy. Major review platforms have offered mix reviews from the critics. The film gains some mileage thanks to its energetic spin on the genre. However, the convoluted plot and the drastically long runtime do wear out its welcome.

argylle cast
argylle cast

Major media outlets praised certain aspects of the film and loved the amusing premise of the film. But the negative reviews of the film emphasised the film’s self indulgence. And with a meta-backstory that is much more interesting than the main plot of the film, it highlighted a divide between the film’s concept and execution of the concept.

Argylle and Monkey Man may not be the finest masterpiece that we have been expecting, however, one cannot deny that the film offers a fresh new take to the spy genre and the ambitious plans of the director for a shared cinematic universe does leave room for what the future holds for Agent Argylle. And despite the critical scrutiny by criticism the film is able to inject the right humour and adrenaline into the genre, which makes it a must watch for the fans.

And as we wait for the upcoming sequels to add into the ever expanding world of spy cinema, Argylle is definitely a polarising entry into the spy genre.

Movie Info:

Apple Original Films
Available in
February 2, 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Matthew Vaughn
Main Stars
Henry Cavill,Bryce Dallas Howard,Sam Rockwell,Bryan Cranston,Catherine O'Hara,Sofia Boutella,Dua Lipa,Ariana DeBose,John Cena
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