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Humor meets hustle” perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Telugu comedy-drama film, B.Tech Babulu. Directed by Sreenu Ithal, this 2017 release presents a refreshing take on the aspirations and challenges faced by engineering graduates in India. With a blend of wit, satire, and heartfelt moments, the film navigates through the lives of two friends who embark on a quirky entrepreneurial journey.

Plot Synopsis

The Unlikely Duo

The story revolves around the lives of Babu (Nandu) and Srinu (Sreeram Karthik), two engineering graduates struggling to find employment in their field. babulu movie babulu movie

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities, they decide to take matters into their own hands and become entrepreneurs. However, their entrepreneurial venture takes an unconventional turn when they stumble upon a unique business idea.

The Quest for Success

Desperate to prove their worth and make a mark in the world, Babu and Srinu embark on a quest to establish their own company. Their journey is fraught with hilarious misadventures, financial setbacks, and comical encounters with eccentric characters. Yet, amidst the chaos, they discover the true meaning of friendship, resilience, and the importance of chasing one’s dreams.

The Comic Conundrum

As Babu and Srinu navigate through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, they encounter various challenges that test their patience and perseverance. From dealing with demanding clients to facing competition from established firms, every obstacle they encounter adds to the humor and charm of their journey. babulu download babulu download

Their interactions with quirky characters and their witty banter provide plenty of laugh-out-loud moments for the audience.

The Heartfelt Message

Beneath the layers of humor and satire, B.Tech Babulu delivers a poignant message about the harsh realities of the job market and the struggles faced by young graduates in pursuit of their dreams. Through the trials and tribulations of Babu and Srinu, the film highlights the importance of resilience, determination, and the willingness to think outside the box in the face of adversity.

Movie Info:

Available in
24th November 2017
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Sreenu Imandi
Main Stars
Mohammad Ali,Ashwini,Viva Harsha,Naval Kishore,Sreemukhi
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