Blackout (2024)

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Blackout (2024) is a Bollywood comedy and suspense film directed by Devang Shashin Bhavsar and produced by Jyoti Deshpande. The film brings together famous actors Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, Sunil Grover, and Bidya Sinha Majumdar. Released on June 7, 2024, Blackout promises to bring audiences exciting entertainment moments with unexpected humorous situations and mysteries hidden in the dark night.

The film exploits the humorous aspects of the contrast in personalities and situations of Ranveer and Simi, creating unexpected and interesting humorous situations. Besides the humorous element, Blackout also brings suspenseful and engaging moments when the two main characters gradually discover the mysteries hidden in the building and face hidden dangers.

Blackout trailer
Blackout trailer

Vikrant Massey and Mouni Roy gave impressive performances, bringing life to the two main characters. Vikrant Massey successfully portrays Ranveer’s humor and charm, while Mouni Roy brilliantly portrays Simi’s strength and independence. Besides, Sunil Grover and Bidya Sinha Majumdar also have impressive supporting roles, contributing to the humor and excitement of the film.

Movies uses special effects effectively to create vivid, realistic images for the dark night scene and the mysteries hidden in the building. The music in the film also contributes to creating a suitable atmosphere, from fun and humorous melodies to suspenseful and tense melodies.

Blackout is a humorous, suspenseful film, bringing the audience exciting moments of entertainment with unexpected humorous situations, mysteries hidden in the dark night and impressive performances of the cast. . If you are looking for a light, humorous and suspenseful entertainment movie, Blackout is the right choice for you.

blackout 2024
blackout 2024

Movie Info:

Available in
June 7, 2024
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Devang Bhavsar
Main Stars
Vikrant Massey, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy
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