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Chamak is a delightful romantic comedy film that captivates audiences with its charming storyline, endearing characters, and vibrant visuals. Directed by Suni, this Kannada-language film was released in 2017 and quickly won the hearts of viewers with its fresh take on love and relationships.

Plot Synopsis

Chamak revolves around the life of Kush, played by Golden Star Ganesh, a young and successful doctor who leads a routine life. His world turns upside down when he meets Kushi, portrayed by Rashmika Mandanna, a free-spirited and vivacious girl.

chamak movie
chamak movie

Despite their contrasting personalities, sparks fly between them, leading to a series of humorous and touching events. similar to the movie Kaddu Mucchi


  • Kush (Golden Star Ganesh): Kush is a dedicated doctor who is focused on his career and leads a disciplined life. However, his encounter with Kushi brings a wave of spontaneity and excitement into his otherwise predictable existence.
  • Kushi (Rashmika Mandanna): Kushi is a vibrant and carefree young woman who lives life on her own terms. Her infectious energy and zest for life are infectious, and she becomes the catalyst for Kush’s transformation.
  • Supporting Cast: The film boasts a talented supporting cast that adds depth and humor to the narrative, including veteran actors like Sadhu Kokila and Girish Shivanna, who deliver memorable performances.


  • Love and Relationships: At its core, Chamak explores the intricacies of love and relationships, showcasing how two individuals from different backgrounds can find common ground and forge a meaningful connection.
  • Self-Discovery: Through Kush’s journey of self-discovery, the film highlights the importance of embracing spontaneity and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to experience the true joys of life.
  • Family Bonds: The film also emphasizes the significance of family bonds and how they shape our identities and choices. Kush’s interactions with his family members add depth to the storyline and provide moments of warmth and humor.

Visuals and Music

Chamak dazzles viewers with its vibrant cinematography and lively musical score. The film’s picturesque settings, ranging from bustling city streets to serene countryside landscapes, serve as the perfect backdrop for the unfolding romance. Additionally, the foot-tapping songs and energetic dance sequences add to the film’s entertainment value, making it a visual and auditory treat for audiences.

Movie Info:

T. R. Chandrashekar
Available in
29 December 2017
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Main Stars
Ganesh,Rashmika Mandanna
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