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In a day and age when Bollywood is busy churning out escapist entertainments like Fighter or Pathaan, Dashmi stands as a true and bold departure from the norm and fearlessly delves deep into the dark recesses of the ills of society. Coming from the mind of Shantanu Tambe, the film is more of a clarion call for moral rectitude that tackles the harrowing issue of rape with unflinching honesty. And in a landscape saturated with remakes of formulaic narratives, Dashmi reflects on the courage of its creators and their desire to confront uncomfortable truths about the pressing issues that have been plaguing our society.

 The plot for Dashami

The film is able to bring viewers a visceral exploration of justice and morality and the relentless pursuit of truth in the face of gruesome crimes.

Meet the vigilantes

Set against the backdrop of the festival of Dusshera or Dashmi, the plot of the film focuses on a group of vigilantes who take matters into their own hands to punish high profile individuals who are accused of raping minors.

dashmi movie
dashmi movie

Led by a talented cast including the likes of Vardhan Puri, Monica Chaudhary, Sachin and more, these characters start their perilous mission to expose and punish the guilty. And as the plot unfolds, so does a game of cat and mouse chase between the law and the vigilantes.

Seeking justice

As the vigilantes begin their work and start releasing damning evidence against the accused in the form of confessions. Something that really blurs the line between vigilantism and justice. Promoting the audience to grapple with the complex questions of morality and efficiency of the legal system of the country. Thanks to a riveting narrative, the film forces the viewers to confront the uncomfortable truths about the prevalence of rape culture. This provokes a collective responsibility to seek justice and bring about real change.

The cast of Dashmi

The lead and support cast are brimming with talents from the industry and many familiar faces are starring in Dashmi. Here are the complete details about the casting of the film.

Lead roles

Monica Chaudhary, Gaurav Sareen and Vardhan Puri brought good performances on the big screen as these three were responsible for anchoring the emotional depth and authenticity of the film. Puri brings the character of Sohail to life with a quiet intensity. Brilliantly portraying the moral conviction despite the inner turmoil that drives his actions on screen.

dashmi 2024
dashmi 2024

Sareen embodies the role of Sachin as he embodies the delicate balance of resilience and vulnerability in the face of adversity. Monica Chaudhary too brings her usual best in the role of Shrishti, a determined woman looking to seek justice for the victims as a way to confirm the systemic injustices of the society.

Dashmi appeal led to films like All India Rank creating a pinnacle of Indian cinema

Support cast

The supporting cast features the likes of Aadil Khan in the role of ACP Krishan Kand, Rajesh Jais, Daljeet Kaur and many more. The ensemble delivers a stellar performance and breathes life into the world of Dashmi. With each of them bringing nuance and complexity to their roles, it beautifully enriches the complete narrative of the film for that ultimate viewing experience.

A critical review of Dashmi

Transcending the boundaries of what was deemed convention, Dashmi emerges to me a searing outlook of social apathy and moral decay. And its unflinching portrayal of vigilantism and the quest for justice proves to be a question of the perverse nature of rape culture and the systemic failures that require the need for action.

Deft direction

Perfect execution from the director allows a more nuanced approach to this exploration of the more complex issues and does well to thwart the audience in critical reflection. And while the film does not offer easy answers to the challenges it poses, the creators are able to spark inspiring actions and crucial conversations.

dashmi production
dashmi production

The ensemble cast with brilliant creators as a guide is able to fully bring each character to life on the big screen and the leading characters of Monica, Gaurav and Vardhan stand out with their compelling performances in their portrayal of commitment to justice and truth.

Memorable dialogues

The dialogues and monologues of the film serve to be a potent reminder towards the capacity of the film to provoke thought and incite a spark that could easily inspire social change on a large scale. And urging the viewers to take a stand against injustice, the bold dialogue of the film does make a lasting impact on the audience even after the credits roll. However, not all is sunshine and roses for the film as it seriously lacks pacing and narrative consistency in major areas. Despite these issues, the creators are able to put forth a compelling storyline that asks viewers to confront the dark of society and strive for a more just and equal world for all.

Other details about Dashmi

With a runtime of 136 minutes, Dashmi is a creation that leaves an indelible mark on the viewers, thanks to its immersive experience on the big screen. Directed and written by Shantanu Anant Tambe, each frame allows seamless integration of visuals and story to culminate in a film that resonated quite well with the audience on several levels. Music for the film is composed by Shabbir Ahmed to add a more haunting melody to the background of the film that brilliantly underscores the gravity of the subject matter presented to heighten the dramatic impact of the film.

dashmi trailer
dashmi trailer

In a cinematic landscape wrought with escapism and superficiality, Dashmi emerges to be a rare gem in the crowd. A film that dares to confront some of the darkest, pressing issues of society with unflinching honesty. With a perfectly gripping tale till the very end, coupled with an excellent star cast to bring each character to life, Dashmi becomes an absolute watch for all.

Confront the uncomfortable truths and be the change society needs. As we continue to grapple with the complexities of our modern world, the film stands as a powerful testament to the complexities of the world we live in.

Movie Info:

Sarika Vinod Tambe
Available in
February 16, 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Shantanu Anant Tambe
Main Stars
Vardhan Puri,Gaurav Sareen,Monica Chaudhary
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