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The Indian film industry is renowned for its ability to evoke powerful emotions, and “Devaki” stands as a testament to this tradition. Directed by H.Lohith, this poignant drama delves into the depths of a mother’s love amidst the harsh realities of human trafficking and societal apathy.

Plot Synopsis

The Protagonist’s Plight

The narrative revolves around Devaki, played with remarkable depth by acclaimed actress Kajol. Devaki is a middle-class woman leading a content life with her daughter, Arya.

devaki review
devaki review

However, their world is shattered when Arya goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Devaki’s frantic search for her daughter uncovers the grim truth of Arya’s abduction into the vicious world of human trafficking.

A Mother’s Determination

Devaki and Thiruttu Payale 2 character undergoes a profound transformation as she embarks on a relentless quest to find her daughter. Fuelled by an unwavering maternal instinct, Devaki navigates through the murky underworld of crime and corruption, facing numerous obstacles along the way. Her determination and resilience serve as the driving force behind the narrative, compelling the audience to empathize with her plight.

Themes Explored

Maternal Love and Sacrifice

At its core, “Devaki” explores the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Devaki’s unwavering love for Arya transcends all obstacles, driving her to confront danger and despair head-on.

devaki film
devaki film

This Thriller Movie Download poignantly portrays the sacrifices a mother is willing to make to protect her child, resonating with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

Social Commentary

In addition to its exploration of maternal love, “Devaki” also serves as a powerful social commentary on the issue of human trafficking. Through Devaki’s journey, the film sheds light on the harsh realities faced by countless individuals who fall victim to this heinous crime. It calls attention to the systemic failures and societal indifference that allow such atrocities to persist, prompting viewers to reflect on their own role in combating injustice.


In conclusion, “Devaki” is a compelling cinematic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. Through its riveting storyline, powerful performances, and thought-provoking themes, the film succeeds in capturing the essence of a mother’s love in the face of adversity. Devaki” serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring strength of the maternal bond and the importance of fighting against injustice in all its forms.

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5 July 2019
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Priyanka Upendra,Kishore
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