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Devarattam, directed by Muthaiya, is a Tamil action drama film that hit the screens in May 2019. The movie is a captivating tale of family bonds, revenge, and societal issues, woven into the fabric of rural Tamil Nadu. With its compelling narrative and stellar performances, Devarattam stands out as a noteworthy addition to Tamil cinema’s diverse repertoire.

Plot Synopsis

A Glimpse into the Storyline

The storyline of Devarattam revolves around the protagonist, Vetri, portrayed by Gautham Karthik, and his unwavering commitment to safeguarding his family’s honor.

devarattam review
devarattam review

Vetri, a lawyer by profession, finds himself embroiled in a web of violence and vendetta when his sister becomes a victim of societal injustice. Fuelled by a desire for retribution, Vetri sets out on a mission to seek justice and restore his family’s dignity.

Characters and Performances

Gautham Karthik’s Riveting Portrayal

Gautham Karthik delivers a compelling performance as Vetri, capturing the essence of his character with finesse. His portrayal of a righteous yet fierce individual resonates with the audience, drawing them deeper into the narrative. Supporting actors like Manjima Mohan and Soori complement Karthik’s performance, adding depth and authenticity to the film’s ensemble cast.

Themes and Social Commentary

Addressing Relevant Societal Issues

At its core, Devarattam delves into pertinent societal issues prevalent in rural Tamil Nadu. The film sheds light on topics such as caste discrimination, gender inequality, and the struggle for justice in a system rife with corruption.

devarattam film full hd
devarattam film full hd

Through its narrative, Devarattam not only entertains but also prompts viewers to reflect on the realities faced by marginalized communities.

Cinematic Elements and Direction

Muthaiya’s Directorial Vision

Director Muthaiya’s vision shines through in Devarattam, as he seamlessly blends action sequences with emotional depth. The film’s picturesque rural backdrop serves as a canvas for Muthaiya to paint a vivid portrayal of life in Tamil Nadu’s heartland. The cinematography captures the essence of village life, immersing the audience in the sights and sounds of the countryside.


A Compelling Cinematic Experience

In conclusion, Devarattam stands out as a compelling cinematic experience that offers a perfect blend of action, drama, and social commentary. With its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and thought-provoking themes, the film leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Through Vetri’s journey, Devarattam not only entertains but also resonates with audiences, sparking conversations about justice, honor, and the complexities of rural life in Tamil Nadu

Movie Info:

Studio Green
Available in
1 May 2019
Quality option
400mb 600mb 1.5gb HD
M. Muthaiah
Main Stars
Gautham Karthik,Manjima Mohan,Vinodhini Vaidyanathan,Soori
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