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In the realm of Indian cinema, where narratives often entwine elements of mysticism and tradition, “Dwaraka” emerges as a compelling exploration of faith, deception, and redemption. Directed by Srinivas Ravindra and released in 2017, this Telugu-language film takes audiences on a profound journey through the labyrinthine alleys of belief.

Unveiling the Plot

At its core, “Dwaraka” revolves around the enigmatic character of Erra Srinu, brilliantly portrayed by Vijay Deverakonda. Srinu, a charming yet deceitful small-time thief, finds himself unwittingly entangled in a web of spirituality when he masquerades as a fake Baba (holy man) in the bustling city of Dwaraka.

dwarka movie review
dwarka movie review

As his fabricated persona gains fervent followers and miraculous occurrences seem to surround him, Srinu’s cynicism clashes with the genuine faith of those around him.

Exploring Themes of Faith and Deception

The film deftly navigates the dichotomy between genuine spirituality and the exploitation of faith for personal gain. Through Srinu’s character, “Dwaraka” delves into the complexities of belief and the moral implications of deceiving others for material benefit. As Srinu’s facade begins to crumble under the weight of his own conscience, the narrative prompts viewers to ponder the authenticity of religious figures and the fine line between genuine spirituality and charlatanism.

A Visual Feast

Visually, “Dwaraka” captivates audiences with its vibrant depiction of the eponymous city. From the chaotic streets teeming with devotees to the serene landscapes surrounding the town, every frame is infused with a sense of authenticity that immerses viewers in the film’s world. The cinematography beautifully captures the essence of Dwaraka, enhancing the narrative’s depth and emotional resonance.

Emotional Depth and Redemption

Amidst its exploration of faith and deception, “Dwaraka” also weaves a poignant tale of redemption and self-discovery.

dwarka movie download
dwarka movie download

As Srinu grapples with his own moral compass and confronts the consequences of his actions, the film transcends its genre boundaries to deliver a powerful message about the capacity for change and forgiveness.


In the pantheon of Indian cinema, “Dwaraka” stands out as a thought-provoking meditation on the nature of faith and the human condition. With its compelling narrative, stunning visuals, and nuanced performances, the film invites audiences to embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection and introspection. As Srinu’s story unfolds, “Dwaraka” challenges viewers to question their own beliefs and confront the complexities of the spiritual realm.

Movie Info:

Legend Cinema
Available in
3 March 2017
Quality option
400mb 700mb 1.2gb HD
Srinivas Ravindra
Main Stars
Vijay Deverakonda,Pooja Jhaveri,Prakash Raj,Prudhviraj,Murali Sharma
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