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The Fukrey series has become one of the most popular comedy franchises in Bollywood over the last decade. Centered around a group of lazy friends who get caught up in crazy schemes to earn easy money, the film showcases excellent chemistry between the lead actors Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, and Ali Fazal. The Fukrey 3 release date was 7 September 2023, and it is another one of the best comedy movies like Dream Girl.

After the super success of the first two films, fans eagerly awaited the next installment in the Fukrey universe. Fukrey 3 reunites the signature cast and director, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, to deliver a hilarious caper ride that takes the madness to an all-new level.

Plot of Fukrey 3

Here is the plot of the Fukrey 3 full movie with Fukrey 3 review:

The Fukrey Gang Tries to Run a Store

Fukrey 3 picks up after the events of Fukrey Returns, with Hunny, Choocha, and Lali being awarded a store named “Janta Store” by the Delhi government. Along with Pandit, they try to run the unsuccessful store while taking up small jobs to earn money.

fukrey 3 release date
fukrey 3 release date

Meanwhile, their arch-nemesis, Bholi Punjaban, plans to run for the Water Department in the Delhi elections. She is backed by a corrupt businessman named Dhingra, who controls the water supply in Delhi.

Adventures in South Africa

In a scheme plotted by Bholi, the Fukrey boys are sent to South Africa to work in Dhingra’s diamond mines. Using his extraordinary power to see the future, Choocha is supposed to help locate hidden diamonds. You may have seen the locations for this in the Fukrey 3 trailer.

They have many misadventures in Africa, including Choocha accidentally swallowing a massive diamond. Their attempts to retrieve the diamond ultimately lead Choocha and Hunny to discover a new fuel source from Choocha’s pee and Hunny’s sweat.

Armed with this discovery, Choocha entered the elections against Bholi to provide cheap fuel for the people of Delhi. This angers Bholi and Dhingra, who kidnap the Fukrey boys and try to exploit them to produce more of the strange fuel.

fukrey 3 full movie
fukrey 3 full movie

After the Fukras exposed the corrupt schemes, the people rose against Dhingra and Bholi. Choocha wins the election by a landslide, but the Fukrey adventures are far from over!

Star Cast of Fukrey 3

The star cast of Fukrey 3 consists of some actors from the franchise’s previous movies and some new faces from Bollywood. Here’s all you need to know about the stars and their roles:

The Fukrey Gang

  1. Pulkit Samrat as Hunny

Pulkit Samrat returns as the leader of the Fukrey friend circle, the quick-witted Hunny. His unique ability to sweat profusely becomes a crucial plot point. Pulkit gets to showcase both his comedic chops and action avatar in Fukrey 3.

  1. Varun Sharma as Choocha

Varun Sharma is back doing what he does best – delivering rib-tickling comedy as the adorable idiot Choocha. Blessed with the unique gift of seeing the future, Choocha lands the gang in and out of trouble with his Deja-Chu visions.

fukrey 3 review
fukrey 3 review
  1. Manjot Singh as Lalli

Manjot Singh reprises his role as the food-loving Lali, completing the Fukrey friend trio. Lali supports his friends as they take on scary gangsters and corrupt politicians.

  1. Richa Chadha as Bholi Punjaban

Richa Chadha steals the show once again as the fiery gang leader Bholi Punjaban. She is ruthless yet charming, executing cunning plans to further her political ambitions. Richa and Varun share crackling chemistry.

Supporting Cast

Veteran actor Pankaj Tripathi returns as the entertaining local pandit ji who helps the Fukras with his wise words. Ali Fazal makes an appearance, reprising his role from the original Fukrey. The film introduces new villains like Dhingra and African gangster Shinda, played convincingly by Amit Dhawan and Manu Rishi Chadha, respectively.

The magic ingredient that makes Fukrey 3 work so well is its zany sense of humor. The laugh-out-loud dialogues and wacky situations will have the viewers burst into laughter. Much credit goes to the talented lead cast, who have made these characters their own after 3 films. Their phenomenal comic timing and ease with one another make every scene highly enjoyable. Yet, there is more fun in the Fukrey 3 behind the scenes.

fukrey 3 box office collection
fukrey 3 box office collection

Varun Sharma again hits it out of the park as Choocha, wonderfully portraying his innocence and dimwitted nature. Manjot Singh and Pulkit Samrat shine as Lali and Hunny. Of course, Richa Chadha steals all her scenes with her larger-than-life arrogance and evil plans. All the actors dive headfirst into the madcap adventure, clearly having a blast bringing this nutty story to life.

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection

Fukrey 3 got off to a decent start at the box office, collecting Rs 8.82 crore on opening day. While the film saw a dip in numbers on its second day, earning Rs 7.81 crore, the Monday weekend and Gandhi Jayanti holiday helped push the numbers into double digits. Fukrey 3 managed to mint Rs 11.67 crore on Saturday and an impressive Rs 15.25 crore on Sunday. With most people having Monday off work, the comedy caper added another Rs 11 crore to its kitty.

However, the film witnessed a significant drop on its first Tuesday after the extended weekend, minting just Rs 4.75 crore. But over its 6-day run, Fukrey 3 has put up a respectable total collection of Rs 59.92 crore. Given that this movie budget is a medium to make a comedy sequel without significant stars, this is a decent box office performance. Word-of-mouth about the hilarious entertainer should help Fukrey 3 continue its steady run in the second week, too. If it maintains stability on weekdays, the movie will emerge as a Hit by the end of its theatrical run.

Fukrey 3 delivers nonstop entertainment, madcap adventures and huge laughs courtesy of its beloved characters. You can know if the this movie hit or flop by reading the details. With the original cast and crew reuniting, Excel Entertainment gets the formula right once again, giving fans the perfect treat they were craving. This 3rd outing takes the franchise to new highs and will leave you clutching your belly from all the laughing. This movie is a must-watch comedy that delivers full paisa vasool entertainment, and many are waiting for the Fukrey 3 OTT release date 2023.

Movie Info:

Farhan Akhtar
Available in
September 7, 2023
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Mrighdeep Lamba
Main Stars
Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh
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