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Brace yourself for a futuristic action joyride that will leave you gasping for breath with Ganapath – the latest edge-of-seat offering from director Vikas Bahl. Produced by an entertainment powerhouse squad featuring Vashu Bhagnani and Jackky Bhagnani, this adrenaline-pumping ride stars the dynamic Tiger Shroff alongside the spirited Kriti Sanon, ready to blaze up the screen in this dystopian thriller.

Set in a chilling 2070 landscape where a vicious virus has laid humanity to waste, Ganapath envisions a terrifying world divided into the relatively safer Union and the rampant virus-ridden Dead Zone forbidden behind towering cement walls. But when these walls crumble, the future looks dire as the bits of civilization now stand threatened by the same virus that once brought them to the brink.

ganapath collection
ganapath collection

Enter Tiger Shroff as the titular Ganapath – a courageous, enigmatic warrior with electric superpowers flowing through his veins, rendering him practically immortal. As the lone crusader holding the key to ending this nightmare with his exclusive antibody-filled blood, he finds himself pursued by the desperate Union eyeing a cure and corrupt tyrannical factions with sinister agendas. What unravels is a series of bone-crunching confrontations and narrow escapes in true Tiger Shroff style that promise to deliver thrills a minute.

With polished action sequences, slick production values, and an original, gripping premise set in an inventive dystopia, Ganapath movie brings just the dose of escapism we need this year. Buckle up for the highlight has just arrived!

Plot of Ganapath

Ganapath is about solving a virus outbreak problem in the future. The following plot details will help you easily understand what the movie is all about:

The Dystopian World

The film is set in a dystopian world in 2070, where a virus has destroyed most of the human population.

ganapath box office collection
ganapath box office collection

The world is now divided into two sections – one area called Union, which is somewhat safe, and the other area called the Dead Zone, where the virus continues to spread. The Dead Zone is cut off from the Union through massive walls. However, the walls have recently started breaking down, causing the virus to threaten humans again.

Ganapath’s Special Powers

In this terrifying world, Ganapath is a mysterious man with special powers. He has immense physical strength and stamina which helps him take on the evil forces. He also has the power to generate electricity, which proves helpful as he battles the villains. Most importantly, his blood contains antibodies that can counter the dystopian virus. This makes him highly precious for both the Union wanting a cure and the evil forces wanting to weaponize the virus. The film focuses on Ganapath’s attempt to save humanity with his special powers while battling his vulnerabilities.

Star Cast of Ganapath

Ganapath portrayed some of the excellent talents from the Bollywood industry. The leading and supporting stars in Ganapath are:

Tiger Shroff as Ganapath

Get set for Tiger Shroff as you’ve never seen him before in ‘Ganapath’ – sporting long locks and transformed behind prosthetics into a brooding, gritty mercenary world away from the squeaky clean Bollywood hero archetype.

While his magnetic screen presence and blazing martial arts moves stay intact, Tiger’s portrayal of the film’s anti-hero, Ganapath, adds intriguing shades of grey to his acting spectrum. We can expect a significant mass appeal from his flawlessly fluid action sequences, as is Tiger’s trademark.

Kriti Sanon as Jassi

Starring opposite Tiger Shroff is Kriti Sanon, essaying the role of Jassi, a headstrong and skilled warrior. In this dystopian world, Jassi and Ganapath are on opposite sides before joining hands to save humanity. Like Tiger, Kriti also underwent intense training and had some high-octane action sequences.

ganapath movie
ganapath movie

Having proven her acting chops with diverse roles, Kriti’s character is expected to add an emotional touch to the action extravaganza. Her chemistry with Tiger will make Jassi stand out despite Ganapath’s towering presence.

With these actors, the Ganapath movie budget is undoubtedly high.

The film also features accomplished actors like Ronit Roy as the main antagonist and Ashok Mandanna in a crucial role. Veterans like Annup Sonii and Sayaji Shinde are also part of critical roles. Overall, the ensemble cast comprising experienced actors promises powerful performances that will complement the lead pair.

Complete Box Office Collection for Ganapath

Even the reliable formula of high-voltage action sequences and Kriti Sanon’s scintillating screen presence couldn’t save this sci-fi misadventure from capsizing into catastrophe.

First week collection

Five days since the must promoted Ganapath release date, October 20 release, the receipts are embarrassingly lackluster for a film made on a reported ₹125 crore golden budget. The numbers foretell a doomed fate for ‘Ganapath’ as it whimpers under the ₹10 crore mark – an amount typically deemed a cakewalk within days for Tiger Shroff.

ganapath movie download
ganapath movie download

Ganapath collection on Day 1 spelled trouble with just ₹2.5 crore earnings – marking Tiger’s career-worst opening. Audiences and critics appear to have unanimously dismissed this dystopian drama despite surround sound promos promising a joyride into the future.

Complete collection

Even the legendary Amitabh Bachchan’s supporting act failed to attract viewers, as the film recorded a measly 12.28% occupancy on Day 5. October 24 collections crashed further to ₹1.5 crore – taking the total Ganapath collection worldwide to a disastrous ₹9.8 crore only, which does not justify the Ganapath budget.

Unless a miraculous resurgence transpires, ‘Ganapath’ is not doomed to be crowned one of the biggest box office debacles in 2023 – a cautionary tale on budget mismanagement for ambitious but lackluster futuristic experiments. The ‘Game Over’ sign blinks for Ganapath already. If you’re still not confident of this movie hit or flop, reread the review.

Ganapath has the makings of a potential blockbuster – a fresh concept, slick action sequences, a talented lead pair, and an accomplished supporting cast. The dystopian world filled with intriguing characters itself makes for an engaging watch. Of course, the highlight would be Tiger Shroff bringing his trademark style to the complex character of Ganapath.  By the reviews online, it is perhaps better to watch the this movie released in 2023.

Ganapath brings a gripping dystopian world to life with slick production design and effects. However, the ambitious sci-fi thriller fails to translate its enticing trailer promise into an engaging film. With lackluster execution and writing, flat characters, and uninspired performances, this movie squanders its potential. Ultimately more style than substance.

Movie Info:

Vikas Bahl
Available in
October 20, 2023
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Hindi Only
Vikas Bahl
Main Stars
Tiger Shroff, Amitabh Bachchan, Kriti Sanon
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