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Inimey Ippadithan is a Tamil romantic comedy film that hit the screens in 2015, directed by Muruganand. The film stars Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri, and Akhila Kishore in prominent roles. Renowned for its humor and engaging storyline, Inimey Ippadithan swiftly carved its place in the hearts of Tamil cinema enthusiasts.

Plot Synopsis

The Humorous Antics of Santhanam

In the film, Santhanam portrays the character of Seenu, a carefree and witty young man who believes in leading life on his own terms. His antics and one-liners keep the audience in splits throughout the movie.

inimey ippadithan review
inimey ippadithan review

From sarcastic comebacks to slapstick comedy, Santhanam’s performance adds a layer of hilarity to every scene.

Romance Amidst Laughter

Amidst the laughter, Inimey Ippadithan also explores the theme of romance. Seenu falls in love with Maha (Ashna Zaveri), but his efforts to woo her are fraught with comical misadventures. The chemistry between Seenu and Maha adds warmth to the narrative, making the romance subplot equally engaging.

Supporting Characters and Subplots

The film features a host of colorful supporting characters, each contributing to the humor and charm of the storyline. From Seenu’s loyal friends to his quirky family members, every character brings something unique to the table. The subplots woven around these characters add depth to the narrative, ensuring that there is never a dull moment on screen.

Direction and Cinematography

Muruganand’s direction keeps the pace of the film brisk, ensuring that the audience remains hooked from start to finish. The cinematography captures the vibrant essence of Chennai, providing a visually appealing backdrop for the unfolding drama. The music score by Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi complements the mood of the film, enhancing both the comic and romantic sequences.

Critical Reception and Box Office Success

Inimey Ippadithan received favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike.

inimey ippadithan movie
inimey ippadithan movie

The film’s witty dialogue, lively performances, and entertaining screenplay were widely appreciated. It emerged as a commercial success at the box office, cementing Santhanam’s position as one of Tamil cinema’s leading comedians.


Inimey Ippadithan stands out as a delightful blend of comedy and romance. With its stellar cast, sharp writing, and skillful direction, the film succeeds in delivering laughter and entertainment in ample doses. Whether you’re a fan of Tamil cinema or simply in the mood for a good laugh, Inimey Ippadithan promises to be an enjoyable watch that will leave you smiling long after the credits roll.

Movie Info:

Handmade Films
Available in
12 June 2015
Quality option
400mb 900mb HD
Main Stars
Santhanam, Ashna Zaveri
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