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Jaathre, a Kannada film directed by Gurudatta Ganiga, is a compelling narrative that delves into the intricacies of tradition, societal norms, and individual aspirations. Released in 2015, the movie captures the essence of rural Karnataka, portraying the clash between age-old customs and modernity.

The Plot Unveiled

A Glimpse into Rural Karnataka

Jaathre opens with picturesque shots of rural landscapes, setting the stage for a story deeply rooted in Karnataka’s cultural fabric.

jaathre movie
jaathre movie

The audience is introduced to the protagonist, Subbaiah, a humble priest devoted to upholding tradition in his village.

The Clash of Tradition and Modernity

As the narrative unfolds, Subbaiah’s world is shaken when his son, Shivanna, expresses a desire to pursue a career in the city. This sparks a conflict between tradition and modern aspirations, as Subbaiah grapples with the idea of his son breaking away from age-old customs.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

Shivanna’s journey to the city becomes a metaphor for self-discovery and transformation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, he encounters new experiences and perspectives that challenge his beliefs. This journey not only shapes Shivanna’s identity but also forces Subbaiah to confront his own prejudices and fears.

Character Dynamics

Subbaiah – The Guardian of Tradition

Subbaiah epitomizes the staunch adherence to tradition prevalent in rural Karnataka. His character is portrayed with depth and nuance, showcasing the internal conflict between his love for his son and his commitment to upholding societal norms.

Shivanna – The Beacon of Change

Shivanna emerges as the catalyst for change in Jaathre. His determination to pursue his dreams despite familial opposition embodies the spirit of youth yearning for progress. Through Shivanna’s eyes, the audience witnesses the clash between generations and the struggle for individual freedom.

Supporting Characters and Their Impact

The supporting cast in Jaathre adds layers to the narrative, representing various facets of rural life.


From the wise village elder to the curious youngsters eager for change, each character contributes to the film’s rich tapestry, highlighting the diversity of perspectives within the community.

Cinematic Brilliance

Visual Aesthetics

Gurudatta Ganiga’s directorial prowess is evident in the film’s stunning visuals, capturing the beauty of Karnataka’s countryside and the vibrancy of city life with equal finesse. The cinematography enhances the narrative, immersing the audience in the contrasting worlds inhabited by Subbaiah and Shivanna.

Music and Soundscapes

The film’s soundtrack, composed by renowned musicians, complements the storytelling, evoking emotions ranging from nostalgia to hope. The use of traditional folk tunes juxtaposed with contemporary melodies mirrors the themes of tradition and transformation explored in Jaathre.


Jaathre stands as a poignant reflection on the evolving socio-cultural landscape of rural Karnataka. Through its compelling narrative and nuanced characters, the film invites audiences to ponder the delicate balance between tradition and progress. As Subbaiah and Shivanna navigate their respective journeys, Jaathre reminds us of the power of embracing change while honoring one’s roots.

Movie Info:

Shukti Cine Productions
Available in
11 December 2015
Quality option
400mb HD
Raviteja Mudigere
Main Stars
Chetan Chandra,Aishwarya Nag
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