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Kaasav is a poignant Indian drama that delves into the complexities of mental health and the healing power of empathy. Directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar, the film offers a sensitive portrayal of depression and the transformative journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

The Plot

Kaasav follows the story of Maanav (played by Alok Rajwade), a young man struggling with depression, who attempts suicide by jumping into the sea.

kaasav movie
kaasav movie

He is rescued by Janaki (played by Irawati Harshe), a woman who volunteers to take care of him during his recovery. Janaki, dealing with her own emotional wounds, finds solace in nurturing Maanav back to health.

Themes Explored

This Family New Movie explores several themes, including mental health, loneliness, compassion, and the healing power of human connection. Through the relationship between Maanav and Janaki, Kaasav highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in overcoming emotional pain.

Character Development

As the story unfolds, both Maanav and Janaki undergo significant personal growth. Maanav confronts his inner demons and learns to appreciate the beauty of life, while Janaki finds redemption by offering unconditional support to someone in need.

kaasav download
kaasav download

Their evolving relationship serves as a catalyst for healing and self-discovery.

Cinematic Techniques

Kaasav employs a minimalist visual style, focusing on intimate moments and subtle gestures to convey the characters’ emotions. The tranquil seaside setting becomes a metaphor for inner peace and renewal, contrasting with the turmoil within the characters’ minds.

Critical Acclaim

Upon its release, Kaasav received widespread critical acclaim for its sensitive portrayal of mental health issues and strong performances by the cast. The film won the prestigious Golden Lotus Award for Best Feature Film at the National Film Awards, as well as several other accolades at various film festivals.


Kaasav and Mugguru Monagallu is more than just a film; it is a heartfelt exploration of the human psyche and the healing power of compassion. Through its compelling narrative and nuanced characters, the movie leaves a lasting impact, reminding viewers of the importance of empathy and connection in navigating the challenges of life.

Movie Info:

Mohan Agashe
Available in
October 2016
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Sumitra Bhave,Sunil Sukthankar
Main Stars
Iravati Harshe,Alok Rajwade,Kishor Kadam,Mohan Agashe,Devika Daftardar,Santosh Redkar,Omkar Ghadi
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