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Inspired by a real 1989 crisis, Mission Raniganj plunges into the aftermath of a deadly Raniganj mine collapse that traps 65 workers underground—led by mining engineer Jaswant Singh Gill, played by Akshay Kumar, rescue teams race to drill through endless coal and stone to save the miners before time runs out. With Parineeti Chopra featuring opposite Kumar, Tinu Suresh Desai directs an emotional thriller honoring the disaster’s heroes. Despite acclaim, Mission Raniganj underperformed commercially.

Get ready to dive into the gritty depths of India’s wild coal belt as we unpack the story and characters that bring Mission Raniganj to life! This 2023 crime drama throws us into the dangerous world of illicit coal trading, wrought with bloody power struggles that threaten to tear apart families and friendships.

Through grimy mining towns and leather jackets loaded with cash, we’ll track the morally torn anti-hero Arjun Singh Baghel as he challenges a mighty coal empire to seek justice for exploited local miners. But vengeance comes at a price in these parts.

Plot of Mission Raniganj Movie

Mission Raniganj is a reality inspired film that you can understand in two parts. Here’s the divided plots of this movie:

The Disaster and Initial Failed Rescue Attempts

The film opens by depicting the flooding of the Raniganj coal mine in 1989 due to a blast trapping over 60 miners in the isolated Behra section. Jaswant Singh Gill (Akshay Kumar), manager of a nearby mine, promptly arrives to volunteer in the rescue efforts. However, Gill faces stiff opposition from the mine’s owner, Ujjwal, and officials from Coal India, who stubbornly oppose his expertise. They believe that most of the trapped miners must be already dead and that any rescue attempt would be too dangerous or futile, given the rising water levels. The plot is exciting, and you will know about it once you have read the Mission Raniganj movie review.

mission raniganj budget
mission raniganj budget

Gill refuses to give up and recruits a disgraced yet talented surveyor, Tapan Ghosh, along with the experienced drilling engineer Bindal. Together they scope out the highest point of the flooded mine to bore a hole to supply oxygen. But their flashlight signal fails to reach the miners. Meanwhile, the scheming Coal India executive Sen hatches a plot to deliberately sabotage the rescue mission due to a rivalry with Ujjwal. His attempt to enter the mine through another flooded shaft backfires badly, causing more deaths and the initial abandonment of rescue efforts.

Gill’s Step-by-Step Rescue Strategy and Final Dramatic Exit

As the protagonist, Gill perseveres with his rescue plan despite the setbacks. He establishes contact with the trapped miners via a borehole, providing them with food, water, and medicine while preparing a retrieval capsule for their escape. Gill discovers that the miners have less than 48 hours before their oxygen gets depleted by the approaching toxic gases.

mission raniganj full movie
mission raniganj full movie

When critical crane parts are found missing, the manual winching of miners becomes painfully slow. Time is running out, but Gill maintains remarkable calm even as death tolls mount in the race against time. The film’s emotional climax occurs when Gill himself feels unconscious in the mine due to oxygen deprivation. He damages his metal hammer but ingeniously uses a traditional kaṛā (digging bar) to signal the lifting of the final capsule. The last one to exit alive, Gill emerges as the unsung hero of the miraculous mission.

Star Cast of Mission Raniganj Movie

There are some well known and talented stars casted in the movie and they are:

Akshay Kumar as Protagonist Jaswant Singh Gill

Akshay Kumar is captivating in the lead role of the daring and quick-thinking Jaswant Singh Gill. Kumar’s acting prowess is fully displayed as the orchestrator of the seemingly impossible mine rescue. He portrays Gill as an understated yet unwavering force who firmly sticks to his rescue plan despite mounting obstacles and skepticism.

mission raniganj review
mission raniganj review

The emotional depth Kumar brings to Gill’s physical and mental exhaustion, as he puts his own life at risk to save the miners, makes him the film’s moral anchor and beating heart. The subtlety of expressions on his face – calm determination giving way to tension, despair, and sacrifice before his last stand – makes Gill’s character arc genuinely inspirational. Kumar makes the viewer feel every blood-pumping second of Gill’s race against time.

Strong Supporting Cast of Characters

While Akshay Kumar’s acting dominates, Mission Raniganj and Ganapath also boasts a stellar supporting cast. Parineeti Chopra showcases admirable restraint as Gill’s worried wife, Nirdosh Kaur, the emotional counterpoint to all the action. Veteran actors Kumud Mishra, Pavan Malhotra, and Ravi Kishan lend greater credibility and texture to their roles as the mine’s manager, drilling engineer, and local politician.

mission raniganj total collection
mission raniganj total collection

Meanwhile, Dibyendu Bhattacharya relishes his turn as the scheming executive whose sabotage plans add clever twists to the plot. Other cricketers like Varun Badola and Virendra Saxena also chipped in with solid performances as the surveyor and trade union leader, respectively. Each supporting character’s contribution builds towards the film’s larger message of unity and perseverance triumphing over calamity. The supporting actors did a great job and it can be seen in Mission Raniganj review.

Mission Raniganj Box Office Collection

Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Mission Raniganj’ had a slower-than-expected start at the box office. Based on the real-life heroic rescue of 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in West Bengal by Jaswant Singh Gill in 1989, the film Action Movie Hindi managed an opening day collection of just Rs 2.85 crore. In recent years, this is one of the weakest opening day figures for an Akshay Kumar film. Also, the Mission Raniganj shooting location was not standard, making the movie expensive.

Experts had predicted a higher opening in the range of Rs 8-10 crore, considering Akshay’s star power and the inspiring, patriotic theme of the movie. The Mission Raniganj total collection was expected to be higher than other Akshay Kumar movies to match the Mission Raniganj budget. However, the film failed to draw big crowds on its first day. Akshay’s last release, ‘OMG 2’, collected Rs 10.26 crore on its opening day, although it did have the benefit of a holiday release.

With no major holidays in the first week, ‘Mission Raniganj’ must rely on solid word-of-mouth to pick up collections. But the opening day numbers indicate a lackluster start for the film. It remains to be seen if it can show substantial growth over the weekend or if it will be another underperformer for Akshay Kumar, who has already had a mixed year at the box office.

Movie Info:

Tinu Suresh Desai
Available in
October 6, 2023
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720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Tinu Suresh Desai
Main Stars
Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra and Rajesh Sharma
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