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Pancharaaksharam” is a gripping Tamil-language supernatural thriller that delves into the realms of mysticism, ancient rituals, and the battle between good and evil. Directed by Balaji V. R., the film takes audiences on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, mystery, and supernatural occurrences.

The Plot

The story revolves around a group of friends who unwittingly awaken dark forces while attempting to unravel the mysteries surrounding an ancient temple.

pancharaaksharam review
pancharaaksharam review

As they delve deeper into the secrets of the temple, they find themselves ensnared in a web of supernatural occurrences that threaten their lives and sanity.

The Characters

This Thriller Movie Download features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique traits and motivations. From the fearless protagonist played by Santhosh Prathap to the enigmatic priest portrayed by Gokul Anand, each character adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

Themes and Symbolism

“Pancharaaksharam” explores themes of faith, redemption, and the consequences of meddling with forces beyond human comprehension. The five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether – play a central role in the narrative, serving as both symbols of power and harbingers of doom.

Visuals and Cinematography

The film’s visuals are stunning, with breathtaking shots of the temple and its surroundings adding to the sense of mystery and foreboding.

pancharaaksharam download
pancharaaksharam download

The cinematography effectively captures the eerie atmosphere of the temple, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Soundtrack and Score

The haunting soundtrack and score of “Pancharaaksharam” enhance the overall atmosphere of the film, immersing viewers in its supernatural world. From eerie chants to pulse-pounding beats, the music complements the action on screen, heightening tension and suspense.

Critical Reception

Upon its release, “Pancharaaksharam” received widespread acclaim from both audiences and critics alike. Praised for its gripping storyline, strong performances, and atmospheric visuals, the film quickly gained a cult following among fans of the supernatural genre.


In conclusion, Pancharaaksharam with Omme Nishyabda Omme Yudda is a must-watch for fans of supernatural thrillers. With its intriguing plot, compelling characters, and stunning visuals, the film offers a thrilling cinematic experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Movie Info:

Paradox Productions
Available in
27 December 2019
Quality option
370mb 600mb 1.0Gb 2.0Gb HD
Balaji Vairamuthu
Main Stars
Santhosh Prathap Gokul Anand Ashwin Jerome Madhu Shalini Sana Althaf
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