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Parris Jeyaraj is a 2021 Tamil-language musical comedy film directed by Johnson K, starring Santhanam and Anaika Soti in lead roles. The movie, filled with rib-tickling humor and catchy music, follows the life of Parris Jeyaraj, a carefree young man who finds himself entangled in a series of comical situations.

Introduction to the Protagonist

The film introduces us to Parris Jeyaraj, portrayed by Santhanam, a jovial and easygoing individual with a penchant for music.

parris jeyaraj review
parris jeyaraj review

Despite his lackadaisical attitude towards life, Parris possesses an inherent talent for singing.

Love and Confusion

Parris’s life takes an unexpected turn when he falls head over heels in love with a charming woman named Divya, played by Anaika Soti. However, his romantic pursuits are complicated by a series of misunderstandings and humorous mishaps.

The Musical Journey

Catchy Tunes and Foot-Tapping Beats

One of the highlights of movies is its captivating music, composed by Santhosh Narayanan. The film features a diverse range of songs, from peppy dance numbers to soulful melodies, all of which contribute to the movie’s vibrant atmosphere.

Musical Performances

Santhanam’s portrayal of Parris is enhanced by his impressive musical performances throughout the film.

parris jeyaraj download
parris jeyaraj download

His natural flair for singing adds depth to the character and serves as a source of entertainment for the audience.

Comedy Galore

Quirky Characters and Hilarious Situations

In true comedic style, this Parris Jeyaraj and Tempt Raja film is filled with eccentric characters and laugh-out-loud moments. From Parris’s quirky friends to his bumbling romantic endeavors, the series delivers a steady stream of humor that keeps viewers entertained from start to finish.

Dialogues and One-Liners

The film’s witty dialogues and clever one-liners add an extra layer of humor to the narrative. Santhanam’s impeccable comic timing, combined with the sharp writing, ensures that every scene is packed with laughs.

Movie Info:

Lark Studios
Available in
12 February 2021
Quality option
400mb 730mb 1.2Gb 2.2Gb 7.8Gb
Johnson K
Main Stars
Santhanam Anaika Soti Prudhvi Raj Motta Rajendran
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