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Coming in from the directorial debut of Anthony Bhagyaraj, Siren is an action thriller film that was released on February 16, 2024. Produced under the banners of Home Movie Makers, the film boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors like Keerthy Suresh, Jayam Ravi and Anupama Parameswaran in lead roles. With an initial announcement back in August 2022 about the project, the final product hit theatres in February 2024.

So, if you are planning to catch this blockbuster in a theatre near you, here is everything you need to know about this 2024 Tamil action thriller.

Cast for Siren

Bhagyraraj put forth a talented cast on the screen to bring about a palpable sense of tension throughout the runtime. A quick rundown of the cast weaving magic on screen.

Main cast

Jayam Ravi, known for his role in Ponniyin Selvan, assumes the central role in Siren as Thilagan. Sharing the screen with Ravi is Anupama Paramswaran playing the role of his wife, Jennifer. Plus, bringing a compelling foil to Ravi’s character is Keerthy Suresh who steps in as Inspector K. Nandhini.

siren movie details
siren movie details

The trio make for a charismatic on-screen presence which ensures the viewers are glued till the very end.

Supporting cast

Siren also features a wide range of other characters played by the likes of Yogi Babu, Samuthirakani and more who collectively bring a very compelling narrative to life with each bringing a wide range of intensity and emotion to every scene.

Siren soundtrack

The musical score of the film was some of the more compelling aspects of the film and the musical prowess of GV Prakash does shine in its moments.Tracks like Adi Aathi, Netru Varai and more resonated quite well with the audience and made way for quite an enchanting cinematic experience. The sound score from Sam CS also does great to elevate the atmosphere of the film and make a more immersive viewing experience on the big screen.

Plot for Siren

Set in the backdrops of Kanchipuram, the story of Siren revolves around an ambulance driver named Thilagan. He finds himself in a deadly conspiracy where he is unjustly accused of killing his wife, Jennifer. After 14 years of arduous imprisonment, he is released on a brief parole. Now, back outside, Thilagan emerges with a fervent desire for justice and retribution against those who wronged him.

siren release date
siren release date

Navigating through his newfound freedom outside the bars, he sets out on a quest to find out the real answers about who killed his wife. And this takes the viewers on a wild ride with some excellent twists and turns along the way to keep the narrative interesting till the end.

Production of Siren

The creators and crew made forth a thrilling journey across southern India to film some amazing backdrops for the film. Despite a brief setback in post production, the production process went relatively smoothly.


The vision for the film took shape in early 2021 when the director was able to get Jayam Ravi interested in the project. This was when the actor signed up for the role of Thilagan. And as the producers decided to put faith in the project, the production gained full momentum until the project was officially unveiled in August 2022.

siren review 2024
siren review 2024

Joined by a stellar cast, Bagyaraj made his directorial debut with a promise to deliver a cinematic masterpiece.


The crew went into production mode with filming beginning in September 2022. From bustling urban landscapes to some serene rural vistas, each location was able to serve as a distinct canvas for the entire narrative as it unfolded. Travelling through picturesque locations across Southern India, the crew brought Bhagyaraj’s vision to life by channelling their collective talent. Filming was concluded by April 2023 which was when the film went into post production.

Siren release

While there were some brief setbacks during production which caused a delayed release, the film was on track to release.


With an initial launch date of December 2023, the creators failed to adhere to the expectations due to a brief delay to accommodate the final stages of post production. However, the film was released in theatres on February 16, 2024, when the audiences finally got to see Bhagyaraj’s directorial debut.

Home media

Following the theatrical release, the film was also able to secure digital and satellite rights to ensure a reach to a wider base of audience. With the launch on streaming platforms and television, the creators are expected to reach beyond traditional cinemas to allow viewers to experience the thrill from the comfort of their homes. March 2024 is set as the digital release of the film.

siren review tamil
siren review tamil

With releases across major channels and theatres, the film continues to captivate audiences to cement its spot as a must watch thriller.

Critical reception for Siren

After the theatrical release, the film was met with mixed reviews from both critics and audiences alike with divided opinions on the execution and pacing of the film. While the film came in with an ambitious narrative and stellar cast, some pointed to the fact that the plot seemed quite convoluted and with some very inconsistent character development, many are concerned about this area of the film.

Jayam Ravi does a great job in his lead role which resonated quite well with the audience. A keen showcase of the actor’s versatility on screen. However, Keerthy Suresh’s role fell short of expectations for many as it lacked the much needed depth and nuance which was missing causing a very disjointed on screen presence.

Despite such shortcomings, the directorial debut remains a testament to Bhagyaraj’s potential, while offering a glimpse into his creative vision. And while it may not be without flaws, the film nonetheless stands as a bold ambition from the director. Emerging as a thrilling blend of action, suspense and drama, the film offers a great cinematic experience on the big screen. And with an ensemble of talented cast members with a compelling narrative, the film surely is able to leave a lasting impression on the viewers, making it a must watch thriller in theatres near you.

Movie Info:

Home Movie Makers
Available in
16 February 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Antony Bhagyaraj
Main Stars
Jayam Ravi,Anupama Parameswaran,Keerthy Suresh
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