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Sixer is a delightful Indian Tamil-language comedy film that seamlessly blends the world of cricket with humor. Directed by Chachi, the film was released in 2019 and quickly gained attention for its unique storyline and entertaining performances.

Plot Summary

Sixer : The Unusual Premise

At the heart of “Sixer” lies an extraordinary concept. The protagonist, played by Vaibhav Reddy, finds himself in a peculiar situation where he discovers that he has a unique medical condition. He involuntarily experiences hiccups whenever he lies.

sixer download
sixer download

The film takes an unexpected turn when this condition becomes a hilarious advantage for him, leading to a series of comical situations.

The Cricket Connection

Sixer : A Cricket-Centric Narrative

As the title suggests, cricket plays a significant role in the movie. The protagonist, being an ardent cricket lover, works in a sports channel. The film cleverly integrates the game into the storyline, using it as a backdrop for the protagonist’s escapades. Cricket enthusiasts will appreciate the film’s witty references and the way it incorporates the sport into its humor.

Vaibhav Reddy’s Performance

A Comedic Genius

Vaibhav Reddy delivers a stellar performance in “Sixer.” His impeccable comic timing and expressive acting bring the character to life, making the audience empathize with his unusual predicament. Reddy’s ability to blend humor with emotional moments adds depth to the character, making the film a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Supporting Cast and Direction

Sixer : A Collaborative Effort

The supporting cast, including actors like Pallak Lalwani and Sathish, contributes significantly to the film’s overall charm. The director, Chachi, deserves credit for weaving an engaging narrative and maintaining a lighthearted tone throughout the film.

sixer movie
sixer movie

The carefully crafted script, similar to Prati Roju Pandage ensures the Comedy Tamil does not overshadow the underlying emotions.


A Laughter Riot with Heart

In conclusion, “Sixer” is a cricket-themed comedy that stands out for its unique premise, excellent performances, and seamless integration of humor with the love for the sport. The film’s ability to balance laughter with emotional moments makes it a must-watch for those seeking a lighthearted yet heartwarming cinematic experience. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast or simply looking for a good laugh, “Sixer” promises to hit the right notes.

Movie Info:

Trident Arts
Available in
30 August 2019
Quality option
400mb 700mb 1.2gb 2.5Gb HD
Main Stars
Vaibhav,Palak Lalwani,Sathish
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