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The South Indian film industry has given us numerous gems, and “Thambi” stands out as a compelling family drama that delves into the complexities of relationships and identity.

Plot Overview

“Thambi” revolves around the life of Saravanan, played by Karthi, who returns home after several years. However, his arrival sparks a series of events that unravel long-buried family secrets.

thambi movie
thambi movie

As the narrative unfolds, the audience is taken on an emotional roller coaster, exploring the intricacies of familial bonds and the impact of hidden truths.

Family Dynamics

Thambi : Saravanan’s Return

The movie kicks off with Saravanan’s return, setting the stage for a poignant exploration of family dynamics. The screenplay masterfully captures the tension and excitement surrounding his arrival, creating a strong foundation for the ensuing drama.

Siblings at Odds

One of the central conflicts in this interesting movie revolves around the strained relationship between Saravanan and his supposed sister, played by Jyothika. The film skillfully portrays the emotional turbulence as the characters navigate the web of deceit and betrayal.

Identity Crisis

Thambi : Unraveling Secrets

As the layers of the past are peeled away, the characters grapple with an identity crisis. The revelation of Saravanan’s true identity adds a gripping twist to the narrative, forcing the audience to question preconceived notions and challenge the characters’ beliefs.

Impact on Relationships

This Thriller New Movie delves into the repercussions of identity revelation on familial ties. The strained relationships and shattered trust serve as a powerful commentary on the fragility of bonds built on deception.

Cinematic Brilliance

Thambi : Direction and Performances

“Thambi” shines not only in its narrative but also in its cinematic brilliance.

thambi download
thambi download

Director Jeethu Joseph’s deft storytelling and the stellar performances by the cast contribute to the film’s emotional depth and resonance.

Thambi : Visual Aesthetics

The cinematography and visual aesthetics of this interesting movie deserve special mention. The film captures the scenic beauty of its South Indian setting, enhancing the overall viewing experience.


Thambi and Karmayodha emerges as a poignant exploration of family, identity, and the consequences of concealed truths. With a compelling plot, strong character development, and cinematic brilliance, this South Indian gem is a must-watch for those who appreciate thought-provoking storytelling.

Movie Info:

Viacom18 Studios
Available in
20 December 2019
Quality option
400mb 700mb 1.2gb 2.6Gb 10Gb HD
Jeethu Joseph
Main Stars
Karthi,Sathyaraj,Jyothika,Nikhila Vimal
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