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The vibrant cultural landscape of Kerala, India, has often served as a muse for filmmakers, capturing its essence through captivating narratives and visuals. Among such cinematic endeavors stands “Thrissur Pooram,” a movie that immerses viewers into the grandeur and fervor of one of Kerala’s most renowned festivals.

The Festival of Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram is an annual Hindu temple festival celebrated in Thrissur, Kerala, known for its extravagant display of colors, music, and fireworks.

thrissur pooram review
thrissur pooram review

The festival, which usually falls in April or May, brings together various temples and communities in a spirited celebration of tradition and spirituality.


Directed by Rajesh Mohanan, “Thrissur Pooram” follows the journey of Pullu Giri, a small-time thief played by Jayasurya, who gets involved in a rivalry between two influential families during the festival. Amidst the chaos and festivities, Pullu Giri finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, love, and redemption.

The Visual Spectacle


The movie’s cinematography beautifully captures the essence of this movie, with vibrant colors and dynamic shots that transport viewers into the heart of the festival. From the majestic procession of decorated elephants to the mesmerizing fireworks display, every frame exudes the grandeur and energy of the celebration.

Costume and Set Design

The elaborate costumes and set design further enhance the visual appeal of the movie, showcasing the intricate details of traditional attire and decorations worn during this movie.

thrissur pooram download
thrissur pooram download

The opulent display of silk sarees, adorned elephants, and ornate umbrellas adds to the authenticity of the portrayal, creating a feast for the eyes.

Cultural Significance

Religious Traditions

“Thrissur Pooram” pays homage to the rich religious traditions associated with the festival, highlighting the significance of various rituals and customs observed by devotees. From the ceremonial procession of idols to the rhythmic beats of traditional percussion instruments, the movie offers a glimpse into the spiritual fervor that permeates the air during this movie.

Community Harmony

The movie portrays this sense of camaraderie through its depiction of inter-community interactions and shared moments of joy and celebration.


“Thrissur Pooram” stands as a cinematic ode to one of Kerala’s most cherished festivals, capturing its essence with breathtaking visuals, compelling storytelling, and a deep reverence for tradition. Through its portrayal of cultural vibrancy and communal spirit, the movie serves as a poignant reminder of the power of festivals to unite people and celebrate the richness of heritage and faith.

Movie Info:

Friday Film House
Available in
20 December 2019
Quality option
470mb 720mb 1.2Gb 3.0Gb HD
Rajesh Mohan
Main Stars
Vijay Babu , Sabumon , Swathi Reddy
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