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Turbo” (2024) is a Malayalam-language action comedy film that roared into Indian theaters on May 23, 2024. Directed by Vysakh and written by Midhun Manuel Thomas, the movie features the legendary Mammootty in the titular role. Produced by Mammootty Kampany, “Turbo” marks the Malayalam debut of actors Raj B. Shetty and Sunil alongside Anjana Jayaprakash.

A High-Octane Premise: From Idukki to Chennai

The film centers around Jose (Mammootty), a jeep driver hailing from the serene hills of Idukki, Kerala.

turbo movie 2024
turbo movie 2024

Known for his fiery spirit and penchant for trouble, Jose finds himself entangled in a situation that forces him to relocate to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. There, he seeks refuge with his close friend, Jerry.

Unexpected Encounters and Entanglements

Chennai throws a curveball at Jose’s life. He encounters a new cast of characters, including Indhu (Anjana Jayaprakash), who becomes a significant presence in his life. However, things are not all smooth sailing. A series of surprises await Jose, some pleasant, and others posing a threat.

Turbocharged Performances: Mammootty Leads the Pack

Mammootty, at the age of 72, delivers a power-packed performance as Jose. He effortlessly embodies the character’s fierceness and vulnerability. Critics have lauded his ability to handle the physically demanding role with finesse [Indian Express review, May 23, 2024].

The film also boasts impressive performances from its debutants. Raj B. Shetty, known for his acclaimed Kannada films, portrays a character that clashes with Jose, creating an interesting dynamic on screen. Sunil’s comedic timing complements the action sequences, adding a layer of humor to the narrative.

A Blend of Action and Comedy: Vysakh’s Directorial Prowess

Vysakh, known for his action-comedy films, brings his signature style to “Turbo.” The movie seamlessly blends high-octane action sequences with laugh-out-loud moments. The pacing keeps the audience engaged, ensuring a thrilling experience.

Turbocharged with Music by Christo Xavier

The film’s music, composed by Christo Xavier, adds another layer of energy to the narrative. The soundtrack features upbeat songs that perfectly complement the action scenes, while the background score creates a sense of suspense and drama.

Critical Reception: A Mixed Bag

“Turbo” has received mixed reviews from critics. While many praise Mammootty’s performance and the film’s entertainment value, others criticize the wafer-thin plot and predictable story [Indian Express review, May 23, 2024].

turbo movie
turbo movie

Despite the mixed reviews, the film has been a commercial success, particularly due to Mammootty’s star power and the appeal of the action-comedy genre in Malayalam cinema.

Movie Info:

Mammootty Kampany
Available in
23 May 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Main Stars
Mammootty,Raj B. Shetty,Sunil
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