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The story unfolds in the quaint coastal town of Goa at Typewriter, India. We meet a group of curious and adventurous friends – Sameera Sharma, Satyajit Gandhi, and Devraj Kamble. Bound by their fascination with the unknown, they form a thrilling “Ghost Club”. Their first mission? To unearth the secrets of a legendary haunted villa named Bardez Villa.

As the friends delve deeper into the villa’s history, they uncover a chilling past. Whispers of a vengeful spirit and a hidden truth begin to surface. A vintage typewriter, seemingly possessed, becomes a central focus, typing out cryptic messages that send shivers down their spines.

The Characters – A Blend of Innocence and Intrigue

The Ghost Club:

  • Sameera Sharma: A fearless and inquisitive girl, Sameera is the leader of the Ghost Club. Her determination to uncover the truth fuels their investigations.
  • Satyajit Gandhi: The brains of the group, Satyajit is a tech-savvy boy who uses his knowledge to document their experiences and research the villa’s past.
typewriter movie trailer
typewriter movie trailer
  • Devraj Kamble: The artist of the trio, Devraj’s sketches and drawings become crucial in capturing clues and piecing together the puzzle.

The Adults:

  • Captain Rohan Khanna: A new resident of Bardez Villa, Captain Khanna is a single father with a mysterious past. His arrival coincides with the heightened paranormal activity experienced by the Ghost Club.
  • Anya Khanna: Captain Khanna’s daughter, Anya, becomes drawn into the mystery alongside the Ghost Club. Her inquisitive nature complements their pursuit of the truth.
  • Father Prakash: The local priest, Father Prakash, possesses knowledge of the villa’s history and the legends surrounding it. He serves as a guide and confidante to the children.

The Haunting – A Blend of Suspense and Chills

The series masterfully builds suspense through:

Unexplained occurrences: Strange noises, flickering lights, and objects moving on their own create a sense of unease.

The possessed typewriter: The rhythmic clacking of the keys, typing out messages unseen, adds an element of fear.

typewriter movie review
typewriter movie review

Visions and dreams: The characters experience unsettling visions and nightmares that blur the lines between reality and the supernatural.

Unveiling the Secrets – A Journey of Discovery

As the Ghost Club continues their investigation, they uncover a dark secret from the past. The story takes a historical turn, delving into events that transpired years ago within the walls of Bardez Villa.

  • A hidden tragedy: The series explores a past incident that left a vengeful spirit trapped within the villa.
  • Unresolved conflicts: Unfinished business and unresolved conflicts from the past come back to haunt the present.
  • The importance of facing the truth: The characters learn that confronting the past and bringing closure is essential to finding peace.

My personal experience and A Look at Social Issues

“Typewriter” subtly weaves in social commentary:

  • Class disparity: The series portrays the stark contrast between the lifestyles of the privileged residents of Bardez Villa and the local children.
  • Importance of friendship: The unwavering bond between the members of the Ghost Club highlights the power of friendship and support during challenging times.
  • Facing fears: The children confront their own fears and anxieties as they delve into the supernatural.

Movie Info:

Sujoy Ghosh Studios
Available in
19 July 2019
Quality option
400mb 1.2gb HD
Sujoy Ghosh
Main Stars
Purab Kohli,Palomi Ghosh,Jisshu Sengupta,Sameer Kochhar
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