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Directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, Yaariyan 2 is a romantic drama movie in hindi language that is based on the life of youngsters. The previous movie in the series was Yaariyan, released in 2014.The lead actors in the last movie were Divya Khosla Kumr, Yash Dasgupta, Peral V Puri and several other aspiring stars from the Bollywood industry. The lead roles in Yaariyan 2 are Laadli Chibber, Bajrang Das Khatri, and Shikhar Randhawa, around whom the whole movie revolves. This movie is all about their lives and relationship with ups and down like any young teenager.

Yaariyan 2 Box Office Collection

Yaariyan 2 movie was released in theaters on October 20, 2023.

yaariyan 2 full movie
yaariyan 2 full movie

The film had huge expectations riding on it, especially since it is a sequel to the commercially successful Yaariyan. However, the film has unfortunately witnessed an underwhelming response at the box office so far. On the other hand, a similar movie Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkaar , released this year made a gross total box office collection of 220.1 crore worldwide.

Day 1 and Day 2

On its opening day, Yaariyan 2 box office collection was only around Rs 60 lakh. The numbers were expected to pick up over the weekend with young audiences coming to watch the film. But that did not happen as Yaariyan 2 collected just Rs 55 lakh on its second day, taking its total to Rs 1.15 crore in two days. Clearly, the film has struggled to even cross the Rs 1 crore mark which is way below expectations.

Reasons for low collection

The main reasons attributed to the poor box office performance are – lack of buzz prior to release, average music and some critics pointing out the bloated length of the film. The lead pair of Divya Khosla Kumar and Meezaan Jafri also don’t have very strong box office appeal.

yaariyan 2 release date
yaariyan 2 release date

It remains to be seen if Yaariyan 2 can recover and post decent numbers in its first week. But the current trend indicates that the film will end up as a box office dud and won’t come anywhere close to matching the commercial success of the first part. The lifetime collections of Yaariyan 2 are likely to remain under Rs 10 crore based on its lackluster opening.

Star Cast of Yaariyan 2

Here is Yaariyan 2 movie cast

The Lead Roles

Divya Khosla Kumar as Laadli Chibber/Laadli Singh Katyal: Laadli is one of the three cousins whose story is followed in Yaariyan 2. She is a recovering thalassemia patient who aspires to build a career by winning beauty pageants. However, her mother fixes her marriage with Abhay much to her reluctance.

Yash Dasgupta as Abhay Singh Katyal: Abhay is Laadli’s husband who was deeply in love with his late girlfriend Raajashri earlier. He starts avoiding Laadli after their marriage but eventually falls in love with her positive spirit.

yaariyan 2 review
yaariyan 2 review

Pearl V Puri as Bajrang Das Khatri/Bajju: Bajju is Laadli’s simpleton cousin struggling with a corporate job. He falls for air hostess Shona who uses him to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Meezaan Jafri as Shikhar Randhawa: Shikhar Randhawa is the daredevil bike racer among the three cousins. He helps his friend escape her wedding after which the groom vows to destroy his racing career.

The Supporting Roles

Anaswara Rajan as Ikrooh Awasthi/Rooh: Rooh is a paraplegic girl who believes she can hear the voice of her dead boyfriend Jeh in an old voice note. She falls in love with Shikhar who uses Jeh’s number.

Bhagyashri Borse as Raajlaxmi Cariappa/Raaji: Raajlaxmi was Abhay’s late girlfriend who died in an accident. Her memories keep haunting Abhay causing issues in his marriage with Laadli.

Warina Hussain as Shona: Shona is the air hostess who briefly dates Bajju to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, much to Bajju’s dismay later.

Plot of Yaariyan 2 – Love and Redemption

Yaariyan 2 is about love angles of three people and the plot is therefore seen in two different parts. These are:

Laadli’s Marriage Struggles

Laadli, aspiring to become the winner of a beauty pageant was b trying to build a career while she was suffering from a condition, Thalassemia. She lived in Shimla with her mother. Abhay, later on to become her lover took interest in her being attracted by her honesty and also, was curious about her disease.

yaariyan movie
yaariyan movie

They get married, and Laadli calls her cousins Shikhar and Bajju to attend the wedding. After the marriage, Abhay avoids Laadli, and they move to Mumbai. After Laadli leaves Abhay due to her suspicion of him cheating, her return and assistance reconnecting Abhay with Raajashri’s family lead to her winning Abhay’s love, and their marriage is reconciled.

Cousins Find Love and Redemption

The story of Shikhar starts with him helping a female friend of his escaping her wedding. The groom of her friend gets very fierce about it. He not only cancels the agreement but also becomes hellbent on taking revenge from Shikhar by not letting him race again. Shikhar then moves to Mumbai to live with his friend Bajju. The friend, Bajju belongs to a struggling family finding it hard to make ends meet. Shikhar falls in love with Iknoor who calls him wrongly presuming him to be someone named Jeh.

However, he breaks up with her after meeting her sister. After redeeming himself and winning a bike race, Shikhar regains his license and passion for racing, getting back together with Ikroor. Bajju also finds love when he marries Devi, a woman he met randomly on a train, bringing happiness after being used by air hostess Shona.

So, if you missed catching this light-hearted romantic drama on the big screen, you will be able to watch the Yaariyan 2 full movie on streaming in November 2023 and enjoy the performances of Divya Khosla Kumar, Yash Dasgupta, and the fresh pairing of Meezaan Jafri and Anaswara Rajan. This Yaariyan 2 review will help you understand the movie before you watch it.

The movie not only shows the struggle that one part of the cast has in getting married to the other side, but it also shows the struggle in finding love. So, the movie can be a two-phased story of youngsters that the younger audience may be able to relate to their lives. Additionally, if you are a romance lover, this may be a very catchy and exciting movie for you. However, if you love to watch movies that keep every kind of audience hooked, Yaariyan 2 may not be the movie for you.

Movie Info:

Radhika Rao
Available in
October 20, 2023
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Hindi only
Radhika Rao
Main Stars
Divya Khosla, Meezaan Jafri and Pearl V Puri
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