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Emerging as a chilling tale set against the backdrop of 17th century Malabar, Bramayugam successfully weaves together themes of horror and dark fantasy to offer viewers a thrilling tale. Coming in from the directorial chair of Rahul Sadasivan, the creators brought forth a myriad of talents like Mammootthy, Arjun Ashokan and Sidharth Bharathan in the lead roles. Together, they bring forth a tale that dives deep into the layers of madness and deceit.

bramayugam film
bramayugam film

With the entire runtime being shot in black and white, the film is able to transport viewers to a bygone era of colonial India where superstition reigns supreme. Offering a gripping storyline, here is everything you need to know about Bramayugam.

Cast for Bramayugam

The cast of the film offered a riveting performance to keep viewers anchored to the screen till the credits roll and both the support and main cast did a terrific role of putting forward their best on the big screen.

Main cast

Mammootty offers a compelling on-screen presence with his role of Kudumon Potti, a real showcase of the actor’s versatility. Plus, Arjun Ashokan also impresses audiences with his role as Thevan, the protagonist of the film thrust into a world of despair and darkness.

Support cast

Sidharth Bharathan brings on his usual best as he fills in the shoes of Potti’s cook to add distinctive depth to Potti’s character. Other notable faces during the runtime included the likes of Amanda Liz and more who also do well to blend into the narrative and contribute to the eerie atmosphere of the film.

The story of Bramayugam

Set against the backdrops of lush Malabar in the 17th century. The film follows the story of Thevan and Koran and their harrowing journey of escaping from the clutches of the Portuguese slave trade that was prevalent in the coastal city.

Initial escape.

As the duo plot their escape, they encounter a yakshi which sets the stage for the upcoming series of chilling events. To escape their overlords, Thevan and Koran escape and seek refuge in a dark mansion. Little did the two know that the mansion had some very deep and disturbing secrets. At the mansion, they meet the enigmatic owner, Kodumon Potti.

bramayugam movie
bramayugam movie

As Thevan begins to unravel the deep mysteries of the mansion, he slowly begins to understand the sinister truth behind Potti’s lineage and the darker forces at play. With both trapped in the mansion, Thevan must rise up to confront his biggest fears and find a way to learn the truth before it is too late. With a little help from a very unlikely ally. He is able to embark on this dangerous journey and confront the real evil lurking in the shadows.

The climax

The climax unfolds in a series of suspenseful and adrenaline pumping scenes as Thevan and his allies face off in the ultimate battle of deception and madness. A riveting tale of sacrifices, survival and the test of alliances that leads to shocking revelations that shake the true foundation of reality and challenge the extent of what we thought was possible.

And as the dust settles from the battle, Bramayugam leaves the audience breathless and blurs the line between madness and sanity.

Bramayugam’s script development and subsequent release

This beautiful fusion of horror and period drama marks a significant milestone in Indian cinema and its creators made a fantastic effort of pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Script development

Produced under the banners of YNOT Studios and Night Shift Studios, the meticulous details of storytelling do great to craft the gripping narrative.

bramayugam release date
bramayugam release date

The black and white cinematography does well to lend to the timeless feel of the period drama film. boosting the eerie atmosphere. Each frame is meticulously crafted to draw viewers to a world on the brink of madness.


The film was released on February 15, 2024, and marked a new era of films in the Indian film industry. Redefining the horror genre with its innovative and medieval touch, it takes the audience on a journey deep into the hearts of darkness. It truly reminds us of the enduring power of cinema and its ability to challenge and inspire thought. In an age of fleeting trends and remakes, Bramayugam stands as a true beacon of original storytelling.

Bramayugam: A critical review

Beyond the captivating storyline and stellar performances from the cast, the film is a true testament to the commitment and excellence of the creators and cast.

bramayugam review
bramayugam review

Add in a haunting musical score that contributes to the immersion of the cinematic experience, it really transports to a world where every shadow has a secret that sends shivers down your spine.


The director, known for his excellent films like Red Rain and Bhoothakaalam, lends his vision to the project which is evident in every frame of the film. His keen ability to look into every detail and lend a sense of dread has been masterfully executed. This draws the viewers to a world where illusion blurs reality. And the decision to shoot in black and white is a sure harken to the days of classic horror films to offer a fresh perspective on the genre.

On screen performances

The cast too does a riveting job of delivering some excellent onscreen presence. Mammootty does well to embrace the role of Kodumon Potti to showcase a tortured soul, fighting with inner demons is quite compelling and haunting. Arjun, too does well as the protagonist of the film as he showcases a character full of vulnerability. A visceral portrayal that resonated very well with the audience on the big screen.

Bramayugam stands as a masterclass of Indian cinema that does not fear to tread on unexplored grounds. With its showcase and transformative powers of storytelling in its purest form, the gripping narrative and breathtaking visuals are sure to captivate you from the start to the finish. And like most of the greatest films of the genre, its true power does not lie in gore and jump scares, rather it focuses more on the depths of the human mind.

Movie Info:

Night Shift Studios
Available in
15 February 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Rahul Sadasivan
Main Stars
Mammootty,Arjun Ashokan,Sidharth Bharathan
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