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Chandi Veeran” is a Tamil-language drama film released in 2015. Directed by A. Sarkunam and produced by Bala, this movie delves into the complexities of rural life, love, and the impact of societal norms on individuals. Set against the backdrop of a small village in Tamil Nadu, “Chandi Veeran” offers a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences through its portrayal of human emotions and struggles.

Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around Veeran (played by Atharvaa), a loyal and honest young man deeply rooted in his village’s traditions and values.

chandi veeran film
chandi veeran film

His life takes a dramatic turn when he falls in love with Vembu (played by Anandhi), the daughter of the village headman. However, their love faces numerous obstacles due to the longstanding feud between their families.

Themes Explored

Tradition vs. Modernity

“Chandi Veeran” explores the clash between tradition and modernity, as Veeran finds himself torn between his loyalty to his village’s customs and his desire to pursue love and happiness. The film highlights the challenges individuals face when trying to navigate between traditional expectations and personal aspirations.

Love and Sacrifice

At its core, “Chandi Veeran” is a story about love and sacrifice. Veeran’s unwavering love for Vembu leads him to confront the deep-seated animosity between their families, ultimately forcing him to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationship. The film beautifully captures the essence of selflessness and devotion in the face of adversity.

Socioeconomic Divide

The movie also sheds light on the socioeconomic disparities prevalent in rural communities. It portrays the struggles of ordinary villagers, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, who are often caught in the crossfire of power dynamics and intergenerational conflicts.

chandi veeran movie
chandi veeran movie

Through its characters, “Chandi Veeran” highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in bridging the gap between different social classes.

Cinematic Elements

Sarkunam’s direction brings authenticity to the film, capturing the rustic charm of village life with breathtaking visuals and authentic performances. The cinematography beautifully showcases the natural landscapes of Tamil Nadu, immersing the audience in the rural setting.


“Chandi Veeran” is more than just a love story; it’s a poignant exploration of human emotions, societal norms, and the complexities of rural life. With its powerful performances, compelling storyline, and thought-provoking themes, the film leaves a lasting impression on viewers, reminding them of the enduring power of love and the importance of staying true to one’s convictions in the face of adversity.

Movie Info:

B Studios
Available in
7 August 2015
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400mb 600mb 1.1gb HD
A. Sarkunam
Main Stars
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