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Director Bala’s “Naachiyaar” is a visceral cinematic experience that delves deep into the underbelly of society, unraveling the complexities of human emotions against a backdrop of crime and justice. Released in 2018, the film presents a raw and gripping narrative that challenges conventional notions of right and wrong.


The story revolves around Naachiyaar, a no-nonsense police officer played by Jyothika, who is tasked with solving a case involving a young couple, Kaathu (Ivana) and Arasi (G.V. Prakash Kumar).

naachiyaar movie
naachiyaar movie

As the investigation unfolds, Naachiyaar confronts the harsh realities of life, including the dark side of human nature and the complexities of relationships.

Character Development

One of the film’s strengths lies in its character development. Naachiyaar, portrayed brilliantly by Jyothika, is a complex character with shades of grey. Her relentless pursuit of justice often blurs the lines between right and wrong, showcasing the moral ambiguity inherent in her profession.

Social Commentary

This movie also serves as a potent social commentary, shedding light on issues such as child abuse, societal stigma, and the flaws within the legal system. Through its characters and narrative, the film challenges viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about the world we live in.

Cinematic Elements

From a cinematic standpoint, “Naachiyaar” excels in its cinematography and editing. The gritty visuals and intense close-up shots effectively capture the raw emotions of the characters, immersing the audience in the film’s harsh reality.

Music and Sound

The film’s music, composed by Ilaiyaraaja, complements the narrative perfectly, adding depth and emotion to each scene. The background score, in particular, enhances the tension and drama, elevating the overall viewing experience.

Critical Reception

“Naachiyaar” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, with praise directed towards its bold storytelling, powerful performances, and social relevance.

naachiyaar review
naachiyaar review

Jyothika’s portrayal of Naachiyaar was particularly lauded, earning her accolades for her compelling performance.


In conclusion, “Naachiyaar” is a thought-provoking film that leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. Through its compelling narrative, complex characters, and stark portrayal of societal issues, the film serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of life. Director Bala’s deft direction, coupled with strong performances from the cast, makes this movie a must-watch for fans of intense and socially relevant cinema.

Movie Info:

B Studios
Available in
16 February 2018
Quality option
400mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Main Stars
Jyothika,G. V. Prakash Kumar,Ivana
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