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Maqbool: A Modern Shakespearean Tale


Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, “Maqbool” is a gripping Indian crime movies released in 2003. The movie is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth,” set in the Mumbai underworld. With a stellar cast and a masterful reinterpretation of the classic tale, “Maqbool” mesmerizes audiences with its intense narrative and compelling performances.


The story revolves around Maqbool (played by Irrfan Khan), the right-hand man of underworld don Abbaji (played by Pankaj Kapur). Maqbool is fiercely loyal to Abbaji, but his ambition and desire for power are ignited when he becomes involved with Abbaji’s mistress, Nimmi (played by Tabu). Encouraged by Nimmi and driven by his own ambition,plots to seize control of the underworld empire, ultimately leading to a tragic chain of events reminiscent of Shakespeare’s original tale.


“Maqbool and Memories delves into various themes such as ambition, betrayal, guilt, and fate. The characters grapple with their desires and the consequences of their actions, echoing the moral dilemmas presented in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.

maqbool download
maqbool download

The film explores the corrupting influence of power and the inevitable downfall of those who succumb to their inner demons.


The performances in “Maqbool” are nothing short of exceptional. Irrfan Khan delivers a nuanced portrayal of Maqbool, capturing the character’s inner turmoil and descent into darkness with remarkable depth. Tabu mesmerizes as Nimmi, infusing the character with a mix of sensuality and manipulation. Pankaj Kapur commands the screen as Abbaji, exuding both authority and vulnerability in equal measure. The supporting cast, including Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah, further elevate the film with their stellar performances.

Direction and Cinematography

Vishal Bhardwaj’s direction is masterful, seamlessly blending the elements of Shakespearean tragedy with the gritty realism of the Mumbai underworld. The film’s cinematography captures the dark and atmospheric essence of the story, immersing viewers in its shadowy underworld setting.

maqbool movie
maqbool movie

Bhardwaj’s skillful use of imagery and symbolism adds layers of depth to the narrative, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.


Maqbool has earned widespread acclaim for its bold reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. The film’s exploration of complex themes and its stellar performances have cemented its status as a modern cinematic masterpiece. It remains a testament to the timeless relevance of Shakespeare’s work and the enduring power of storytelling to transcend cultural boundaries.

In conclusion, “Maqbool” stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Shakespearean drama, reimagined through the lens of Indian cinema. With its gripping narrative, stellar performances, and masterful direction, the film continues to captivate audiences and critics alike, solidifying its place in the pantheon of cinematic classics.

Movie Info:

Bobby Bedi
Available in
10 September 2003
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Vishal Bhardwaj
Main Stars
Irrfan,Tabu,Om Puri,Pankaj Kapur,Naseeruddin Shah
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