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Haider, a 2014 Indian crime drama film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Set against the backdrop of the insurgency-ridden Kashmir conflict of the 1990s, the film intricately weaves themes of revenge, betrayal, and political turmoil, while exploring the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

Plot Synopsis

The Setup

In the picturesque yet politically turbulent Kashmir valley, Dr. Hilal Meer, a prominent physician, disappears mysteriously amidst the chaos of insurgency. Haider, his son and a student of poetry, returns from Aligarh to search for his father. He reunites with his mother Ghazala, who seems to have developed a close bond with his uncle, Khurram, whom Haider suspects of being involved in his father’s disappearance.


As Haider delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his father’s disappearance, he uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal.

haider movie
haider movie

He learns that his uncle Khurram is romantically involved with his mother Ghazala, a revelation that shatters his trust.

The Descent into Madness

Consumed by a desire for vengeance, Haider’s psyche begins to unravel. He descends into a state of madness, haunted by hallucinations of his father and tormented by the betrayal of his loved ones.In a fit of rage and despair, Haider confronts Khurram, leading to a confrontation that culminates in tragic consequences.

The Tragic End

As the Kashmir conflict escalates, Haider finds himself torn between loyalty to his family and the desire for justice. In a climactic showdown, Haider confronts the harsh realities of the political landscape, grappling with questions of morality and revenge.

haider download
haider download

The film reaches its tragic conclusion as Haider comes face to face with the consequences of his actions, leaving audiences pondering the fragility of human relationships and the devastating impact of violence.

Themes and Symbolism

  1. Betrayal and Loyalty: The film explores the theme of betrayal through the complex dynamics between family members and the betrayal of trust amidst political turmoil.
  2. Madness and Sanity: Haider’s descent into madness serves as a metaphor for the psychological toll of conflict and the blurred lines between sanity and madness.
  3. Political Turmoil: Set against the backdrop of the Kashmir conflict, the film highlights the impact of political unrest on personal lives and relationships.
  4. Revenge and Justice: Haider’s quest for vengeance raises questions about the morality of seeking retribution and the thin line between justice and revenge.

Movie Info:

Vishal Bhardwaj
Available in
2 October 2014
Quality option
360mb 600mb 1.0gb HD
Vishal Bhardwaj
Main Stars
Shahid Kapoor,Tabu,Kay Kay Menon,Shraddha Kapoor,Irrfan Khan
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