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Ravi Teja is back again with yet another superhit film, Eagle. Launched on 9th February 2024, this latest endeavor from the “Mass Maharaja” is an action packed thriller that promises to be a grand cinematic experience for the viewers on the big screen. Coming from the brilliant mind of filmmaker, Karthik Ghattamaneni, here is everything to know about the film and see if it lives up to the hype.

The plot for Eagle

Unfurling the story of Sahadev Varma, Eagle becomes the perfect story of the contract killer wrapped in a web of love and redemption.

Meet the contract killer

Sahadev’s life turns around for good when he meets Rachana. This meeting sparks the transformation of the mercenary who seeks a quiet life as a cotton farmer in Talakona forest. However, the shadows of his past soon catch up when a journalist decides to unravel this enigmatic personality piece by piece. As the plot thickens, the viewers are drawn into the world of secrets and deception where trust can be a real rare commodity.

eagle movie
eagle movie

Sahadev’s journey to love is fraught with danger and uncertainty as he struggles with the demons of his past to save those he loves. Set against the backdrops of an illegal arms trade and political influence, Eagle explores several challenging themes to bring forth a tapestry of emotions and action that is sure to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Leading up to the final act

During the first half of the film, viewers are offered a glimpse into Sahadev’s transformation from an assassin to a man seeking redemption. And coupled with his relationship with Rachana, does showcase the humanity beneath his hardened exterior. Meanwhile, as the journalist uncovers truths from Sahadev’s hidden past, everything culminates in a thrilling journey of self discovery. The second half dwells into Sahadev’s past to show viewers the events that shaped him into the man he is today.  As the journalist gets closer to the truth, the tension builds to a simmering point, with Sahadev confronting his demons and the results of his actions.

eagle movie telugu
eagle movie telugu

In the climactic scenes, Sahadev must make a bold decision that might shape his destiny. And with enemies closing in from all sides, he must rely on his wits to survive. Building up to a wonderful climax as secrets are split and alliances tested, Sahadev’s true self is laid bare. In the end, it is all about confronting the ghosts of his past and forging a new path forward, beckoning with conviction and courage.

The Cast of Eagle

Both the lead and support cast had done a tremendous job of bringing the gritty world of Eagle to life. Here is everything to know about the cast for Eagle.

Leading lights

Ravi Teja brings on his usual best on screen in the role of Sahadev Varma, a portrayal of a conflicted hitman that is both compelling and nuanced. Known for his roles in films like Krack, Dhamaka, and more, Teja brilliantly captures the essence of a man torn between the complexities of good and evil, a showcase of depth and intensity rarely seen in his previous films. Alongside Teja is the talented Kavya Thapar in the role of Rachana. Rachana is Sahadev’s love interest in the film, a character of warmth and vulnerability. The chemistry on screen wraps to offer the much needed depth and dimension to their relationship.

Supporting Ensemble

Anupama Parameshwaran embodies the role of the determined journalist, Nalini Rao while Navdeep brings his charisma to the screen as Jay. Navdeep’s performance shines as the trusted ally of Sahadev while the role of Nalini proved to be a worthy adversary to Sahadev.

eagle in hindi
eagle in hindi

Other notable inclusions to the support cast include the likes of Madhoo, Vinay Rai and more to round off the ensemble of solid performances. All of this contributes to the depth and authenticity of the film.

Critical Aspects of Eagle

The film is a ride to dizzying heights with its daring exploration of themes and perfect action set pieces. Here is what’s good and what’s bad about Eagle.

Elevating moments

Ravi Teja’s portrayal is a revelation for many into what the actor is really capable of, anchoring the entire film with his gravitas and emotional depth. With each action sequenced and choreographed to perfection, the film is surely a visual spectacle. And coupled with pumped up shootouts and thrilling chase sequences, Eagle ensures that the viewers are glued to the screen from start to finish.

The letdowns

Despite all the lofty ambitions of the creators, the film occasionally falters in its overall execution. Particularly in the first half, the film is plagued by a pacing issue and its reliance on elevations to drive the narrative forward can make the film disorienting. And not to mention the complex dialogues that simply work to alienate the audience.

eagle film
eagle film

However, not all these shortcomings have been able to weigh down the film and blended with some amazing performances, the finished product on screen is a technical masterpiece of Indian cinema. The second half picks up pace, delivers on the promised twists and turns and is sure to keep you guessing until the final frame.

Eagle: A Technical Triumph

Eagle showcases the very best of Telugu cinema and the director’s ambition of style and flair, transcends the narrative to newer heights. And with stunning cinematography and production design, Eagle becomes an absolute watch for all. The lush forest of Talakona provides the most stunning backdrop for the ensuing action while the dynamic camerawork adds to the film’s excitement and sense of urgency. Despite some minor editing flaws, the overall aesthetic of Eagle is undeniably alluring.

Eagle is a blend of exceptional storytelling, stunning visuals and compelling performances. And while it may stumble around in some places due to poor pacing, the ambition and innovation make it a film worth investing your time in. So, if you are a fan of Ravi Teja, this action fuelled drama is for you. Strap in and prepare to be captivated by the soaring tale of Sahadev Varma as Eagle.

Movie Info:

People Media Factory
Available in
9 February 2024
Quality option
720p, 1080p, HD+, 480p
Karthik Gattamneni
Main Stars
Ravi Teja,Anupama Parameswaran,Kavya Thapar,Navdeep
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