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One of India’s most iconic sitcom families made a grand comeback on the silver screen in 2023 with ‘Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan’! Directed by Aatish Kapadia and jointly produced by Vineet Jain and Jamnadas Majethia, this is the 5th installment in the cult comedy franchise Khichdi.

Bringing back the crazy antics of the Parekh household, Khichdi 2 sees most of the principal cast, like Supriya Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Jamnadas Majethia, and others, reprise their instantly memorable roles. With double the confusion, complications, and chuckles, the movie was released in cinemas on 25th March 2023. Let’s dive deeper into this laughter riot and understand how the film performed at the box office with complete plot details!

Khichdi 2 Box Office Performance:

Given Khichdi’s identity as one of India’s most iconic sitcoms, the ardent fanbase eagerly awaited the Parekh family’s return to celluloid.

khichdi the movie full movie
khichdi the movie full movie

This high nostalgia and loyalty factor translated into a fantastic opening day 1 figure of ₹12 crore net domestically despite clashing with more significant films. However, The Great Indian Family couldn’t even make 6 crores.

Collection and comparison

Through solid word-of-mouth, Khichdi 2 saw rampant growth over the opening weekend, with ₹38 crore net collected in India. The movie remained steady on weekdays thanks to positive audience reception and family appeal which was primary to its success.

Khichdi 2 lifetime collection

After wrapping up its successful four-week theatrical run, Khichdi 2 registered a healthy lifetime collection of ₹101 crore in India, which is excellent for a niche comedy sequel. Though not huge by mainstream standards, it is one of the most profitable releases of 2023, given its moderate budget.

Made on a disciplined budget of just ₹18 crore, Khichdi 2 emerged as a Clean Hit solely from domestic earnings despite not catering to an overseas audience, thanks to an already established loyal fan base.

Khichdi 2 Performances Review

One of Khichdi 2’s most significant assets is the return of the beloved Parekh family cast, who slip back into their roles with trademark gusto and impeccable comic timing. Be it the confused Hasmukh or scatterbrained Praful, the actors hit it out of the park, keeping the essence of the TV show intact.

Stellar performance from comedy veterans

Veteran Supriya Pathak brings to life the endlessly patient and dutiful matriarch Hansa with such natural ease, balancing her daily chores while managing her husband and kids. Rajeev Mehta, as her forgetful better half Praful Parekh, delivers a riot with his lazy demeanor, often causing hilarious disasters.

Veteran Anang Desai puts a smile on your face as family patriarch and Babuji, aka Tulsidas Parekh, perplexed by his good-for-nothing son and grandkids. His comic timing is evident from witty one-liners and deadpan reactions to the chaos around him.

khichdi 2 release date
khichdi 2 release date

Jamnadas Majethia and Vandana Pathak, too, slip comfortably back into their roles of Himanshu and Jayshree, a bickering Taurus-Gemini couple. Kirti Kulhari spices up things as Parminder, Himanshu’s feisty Punjabi wife. Mahesh Thakur as Chakki and Ami Trivedi as Baa showcase their flair for comedy.

Performances from the supporting cast

The younger members of the supporting cast, like Pratik Gandhi, Anat Vidhaat, and Flora Saini, provide the extra laughs as Fooggi, Kushal, and Rani add freshness to the ensemble. Every character, big or small, contributes towards creating an endearing atmosphere which culminates in a hilarious film for all ages. Ultimately, Khichdi 2 works due to the earnest performances and chemistry between the cast, making the Parekh household come alive.

Khichdi 2 Storyline & Plot Summary (Spoiler alert):

The story begins with Praful Parekh winning a lucky draw contest to visit Pakistan on an all-expenses paid trip by tour company ‘Fly High Tours.’ The hyper-patriotic Himanshu, however, smells a rat and alerts the Indian intelligence agency TIA. His suspicions come true as ‘Fly High’ is a terrorist front plotting to infiltrate India.

They plan to abduct Praful in Pakistan and substitute him with lookalike Assamese imam ‘Kha Ke Thuk,’ who can then collect classified information after returning to India under the guise of Praful. However, Himanshu and his wife Parminder, a spy herself, decide to beat TIA at their own game.

khichdi movie cast
khichdi movie cast

What follows next is a hilarious race against time as the Parekh family heads to Pakistan on a daring mission to rescue clueless Praful from the terrorist outfit TIA’s clutches, escaping one outrageous muddle after another by the skin of their teeth!

The action shifts between the terrorists’ camp in Pakistan and Praful’s village in Gujarat, the signature of the franchise’s unique situational comedy. In the climax, the family manages to extricate hapless Praful while Parminder has a final face-off with TIA militant Wazir, foiling their sabotage plans. All ends well as our beloved Parekhs return safely to India with another feather in their cap!

Khichdi 2 in a Nutshell

After its successful big-screen run, excited fans can now catch all the madness and mayhem of Khichdi 2’s cast on OTT platforms. After three months of theatrical release, Khichdi 2 made its digital premiere on OTT platforms owing to public demand and massive success of the sequel. With the original cast back together and high nostalgia value, Khichdi 2 proved to be a big draw for streaming audiences.

To summarize, Khichdi 2 is a wholesome family entertainer that delivers on the high nostalgia promise with the Parekh clan back in their elements. Paying homage to the iconic TV show through callbacks and retaining the principal cast, the movie makes for an enjoyable, unapologetically mindless comedy for everyone to enjoy. So, it was fair enough for the Khichdi 2 to earn Rs. 38 crore in the domestic collection with its fan base.

Despite a predictable storyline and lowbrow humor at times, Khichdi 2 wins you over thanks to earnest performances and the irresistible charm of its ensemble cast having a blast on screen. An actual blue nostalgia trip down memory lane, Khichdi 2 is best enjoyed with friends and family if you want guaranteed laughs and feel-good vibes from a familiar franchise.

Movie Info:

Vineet Jain
Available in
November 17, 2023
Quality option
Aatish Kapadia
Main Stars
Kirti Kulhari, Flora Saini and Farah Khan
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    I don’t rate this movie highly, but it accurately reflects the lives of many people

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