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neeya 2
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Neeya 2, a Tamil language supernatural thriller film released in 2019, takes the audience on a captivating journey filled with love, revenge, and the mystical world of serpents. Directed by L. Suresh and produced by Sridhar Arunachalam, the movie is a sequel to the 1979 film Neeya. With a unique storyline and a blend of romance and suspense, Neeya 2 offers an intriguing cinematic experience.

Plot Overview

The Love Triangle

Neeya 2 revolves around a complex love triangle involving three protagonists: Malar (played by Catherine Tresa), Sarva (played by Jai), and Vikram (played by Raai Laxmi).

neeya 2 film
neeya 2 film

The story unfolds as Malar is torn between her love for Sarva and Vikram. Little does she know that her choices will trigger a series of supernatural events that will change their lives forever.

The Curse of the Serpent

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when the characters discover the presence of a serpent curse. The curse, stemming from a tragic love story in the past, intertwines the destinies of Malar, Sarva, and Vikram. As the plot unravels, the characters find themselves entangled in a web of love, betrayal, and revenge that transcends time and mortality.

Cinematic Elements

Visual Spectacle

Neeya 2 captivates audiences with its visually stunning scenes and special effects. The portrayal of the serpent curse adds an element of mystique to the film, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The cinematography by Rajavel Mohan enhances the overall visual appeal, creating an immersive experience.

Musical Brilliance

The movie’s music, composed by Shabir, complements the storyline and emotions of the characters. The songs and background score add depth to this Horror Movie Download, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. This movie showcases the musical prowess of Shabir, contributing to the film’s success.


Critical Acclaim

While Neeya 2 may not have received widespread critical acclaim, it has found its audience among fans of supernatural thrillers.

neeya 2 review
neeya 2 review

The performances of the lead actors, coupled with the engaging storyline, have garnered appreciation from viewers who enjoy a mix of romance and suspense.

Box Office Success

Despite facing competition at the box office, Neeya 2 managed to perform reasonably well. The film’s success can be attributed to its unique plot, visual appeal, and the audience’s interest in the supernatural genre.


Neeya 2 with Raju Gari Gadhi 3 stands out as a noteworthy addition to the Tamil film industry’s supernatural thriller genre. With a compelling storyline, impressive visuals, and a talented cast, the movie offers a cinematic experience that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re a fan of romance, suspense, or the supernatural, this movie delivers a captivating blend of all three.

Movie Info:

Jumbo Cinemas
Available in
24 May 2019
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400mb 650mb 1.1gb HD 2.5Gb
L. Suresh
Main Stars
Jai,Catherine Tresa,Raai Laxmi
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